Wk6 Training Summary

Week 6 of my training and I started well, had some good focus on my strength work and did quite a few runs (25 miles, four runs over three days). 

Four strength sessions, over three days, Lower, Upper, Metafit and Pull Ups.  Two rest days, two fast days and plenty of activity.  I ran fast on Friday lunchtime and felt it on Friday night and Saturday morning. 

 wk6 fuel points

I earned almost 34,000 Nike Fuel points and had 5 out of 7 days where I achieved my Nike Fuel points goal of 4,000 points.  I actually quite like when I don’t meet my goal, as I know I’ve had an easy / restful recovery day when I don’t reach 4,000 points. 😉

Here’s what I did last week:

Mon AM: Super 8s Strength Lower (link to) & Fast
PM: Rest
Walk to and from work

Tue AM: Lunchtime: 3.1M easy run (link to Garmin)
PM: Kaizen Run Club: Hills: 7.55M (link, including 2.2M commute)
Walk to and from work

Wed AM: Super 8s Strength Upper (link to Garmin)
PM: Metafit

Thu: Rest & Fast
Walk to and from work

Fri AM: Strength Pull Ups
Lunchtime: 5.55M fast run. (link to Garmin)
Walk to and from work

Sat: Rest

Sun AM: Kaizen Run Club: 1 mile loops: 6.5 miles (link to Garmin)
Lunchtime: 1.23 mile walk
Swimming Teaching 4 hours.

TOTALS FOR WEEK 6: Approx. 33 miles, 9 hours, 3,800 calories.
Run: 25 miles, x4 runs, 4 hours, 2,211 calories
Walk: 8.2 miles, x9 walks, 2:10 hours, 577 calories
Strength: x4, 3 hours, 1,024 calories
2 Rest days, 2 Fast days.

For the second week in a row, I missed out my long run.  I had 16 mile planned and due to the weather and a whole host of other reasons… I ditched it in favour of a rest day on Saturday and Kaizen Run Club on Sunday.  The week before I’d done two days running, totalling 20 miles and this week, I ran 25 miles.   Missing mojo or not – I think I need to cut down how much I’m running and include Kaizen Runs as part of my own running/training.

Kaizen runs will make up 2 of my runs, and I’ll do one long run on top of that.  I was seeing the Kaizen Runs as separate from my own training, but I’m finding that my running mojo seems to be going because I’m trying to run too much (I think!)  So I’ve decided I will do Kaizen Run Club on Tuesdays and Sundays and do a long run on another day of the week (and I’m not going to run at lunchtime anymore).  It doesn’t have to be on the Saturday, but I would like to run with friends mostly on my other runs. 

If I fancy another run in a week, I’ll do it, but the base will be 2x Kaizen plus a long run.  🙂

I’m really enjoying the short intense sessions I’m putting in at the gym.  Although I’m going to mix up the order a little as I was still sore on Friday from Wednesday’s upper session.

Strength 2-3 times a week and the odd swim might be good to mix it up a bit too.  Last week I did:
Mon: Lower, Wed: Upper, Fri: Pull Ups.
 So this week I’m doing:
Mon: Upper, Wed: Lower, Fri: Pull Ups, give my body a bit of a rest between.

I’ve struggled a bit to get above 12 miles on my long run, so now I’m thinking of reworking my Marathon Training Plan to fit me a bit better, long runs will be:

Wk7 – 11/02/13 – 12 miles (with JA)
Wk8 – 18/02/13 – 16 miles (route specific)
Wk9 – 25/02/13 – 10-13 miles (Inverness)
Wk10 – 04/03/13 – 18 miles
Wk11 – 11/03/13 – 22 miles
Wk12 – 18/03/13 – 20 miles
Wk13 – 25/03/12  – 26.2 miles!

I know I can do this; I just need to make sure I don’t overdo my runs or overthink things! 
Make it simple: 3 runs a week (4 if I fancy it), cross / strength training, rest and fast: Simple.

Anyway, I think I have my mojo back, and here’s my plan for Week 7:

Mon AM: Super 8s Strength Upper
PM: Rest (and fast)
Tues AM: Rest
PM: Kaizen Run Club: Speedwork
Wed AM: Super 8s Strength Lower
PM: Rest (or run with Fit Girl)
Thu AM: Rest (or swim for a change) and fast
PM: Rest
Fri AM: Strength Pull Ups (easy)
PM: Rest
Sat AM: 12 mile long run with Julie Ann
PM: Rest
Sun AM: Kaizen Run Club: 5 miles easy
PM: Swimming Teaching 4 hours

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