Relaxation: My 1st attempt at Tai Chi

Today I went to my first ever Tai Chi class. In an attempt to balance how hectic things can get with work, life and training, and to try something different.

A bit of relaxation with slow steady controlled movements and concentration on breathing. Based on martial arts, it can serve as an opposite and relaxing activity in life where things something’s go at 100mph all the time.

It was ok, and it might be something I’d like to learn, but not so much in a class environment. And the hour was a bit long for me. Lol. I’m surprised I didn’t start doing power jumps in it in the middle of it to get my heart rate up. 😉

I could see myself maybe at home, doing it to a tai chi DVD for 20-30 minutes at the most a few days a week maybe.

We were in the dance studio where hill and I beast circuits and all I could think of at the start was us both beating it, working really hard and sweating profusely by the end of the 45 minute class.

Another type of relaxation I’ve tried is just sitting. Taking 10-25 minutes out a few times a day, either clearing my mind doing nothing, listening to music or reading a book. I probably prefer this type of relaxation: taking time out to read and learn about something you’re interested in.

I don’t think I’ll be back to the tai chi class, but might look up a short class on you tube to do before thinking about maybe finding a good tai chi DVD.

Other options of relaxation opposed to my high intensity or aerobic activities include:

Body balance
Swimming (leisurely)
Eating out
Walking casually
Watching the news or a good TV programme (with my feet up :-))

Do you have any other ideas of how people can relax and take time out from their busy lives?? 🙂

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4 Responses to Relaxation: My 1st attempt at Tai Chi

  1. fattymustrun says:

    I struggle with Tai chi, it’s a bit too sedate for me, and I can’t stand instructors telling me what to think and feel…it gets right on my wick

    • lornpearson says:

      Yes, I think I struggled with it too… felt like doing jumps in the middle of it…lol…..think maybe sitting reading a book might be more up my street to relax!! 🙂

      • fattymustrun says:

        Funny isn’t it?? I feel like a naughty school girl whenever I’m told to be quiet…a nice bath is my way of relaxing…or lounging on a beach with a good book!! Chance would be a fine thing

  2. Debs M-C says:

    I went to a Tai Chi class once and ended up my stressed out at the end. I found it really frustrating! 🙂

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