Wk10 Training Summary

WEEK 10: Weekend: 10th – 11th March

I know this is a bit late, and it’s my first attempt at summarising a week of my exercise, so I thought I’d set off my just doing a summary of my weekend last weekend. I’ll usually include totals, but things have been a bit hectic this week, so I’m just going to go over what I did:

Personal Training Emma in Inverness

The weekend of the 10th and 11th of March was spent visiting my friend Emma up in Inverness. I spent a lot of time chatting to her about her life and how she wanted to get a work life balance.

Emma knows that her health and work life balance are important, however she works a lot of hours, and still manages to fit in exercise 6 and sometimes 7 days a week (2 swim days she sees as active recovery / rest days). I thought I could show her new activities and suggest other ways she can make her workouts more efficient (with HIIT and my weights workouts). We workout out at Emma’s lovely private gym: DW FItness.

Sat 10th March

  • Legs, Back, Abs and Cardio: 1 hour

I took Emma through a Strength workout of:

5 mins cardio.
3 x triple supersets of Legs & Back
3 x 6 plyometrics exercises.

She seemed to enjoy it and worked hard anyway and it was a bit different to her normal workout.
Ave HR: 127, Max HR: 153, Garmin Training Effect: 2.1, Calories: 355

  • Treadmill Hills: 32 mins

I did this workout on the treadmill, worked hard and felt great after it.
Ave HR: 162, Max HR: 178, Garmin Training Effect: 4.0, Calories: 330

  • Steam room: 30 mins

Sun 11th March

  • Bike High Intensity Interval Training: 32 mins

Level 3-4, 80 – 100rpm)

3 min warm up
1 min @ 80rpm
40 secs @ 90rpm
20 secs @ 100rpm
(Repeated 13 times)
3 min cool down

Ave HR: 133, Max HR: 161, Garmin Training Effect: 2.0, Calories: 350

  • Circuits: 1 hour: 30 secs work: 15 secs rest.

I put Emma through a grueling 1 hour of my Crazy Intense Circuits. 🙂
She seemed to like it at the end!

Ave HR: 125, Max HR: 152, Garmin Training Effect: 2.1, Calories: 381

All in all it was a great few days away seeing a good friend and hopefully helping her out with a few things. 🙂

Next week I’ll be summarising my training from this week. I’ve been pretty busy but being careful not to over do it.
I’ve been looking at relaxation and how to encorporate more rest into my week… and I’ll be running the D33, my first Ultramarathon event on Saturday! 🙂

Oh and Jasper came with me to Inverness… he had a GREAT TIME! 😉

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