Wk40 – Training Plan

This week, my first week of building my running mileage up… didn’t start off too well.  After Sunday night, 3.5 hours in the pool, I was knackered. 

All of Monday, all I could think about was my bed.  And after work I went straight home and into bed!  I didn’t sleep, but rested, read a bit and got to sleep maybe about 10pm.  I just didn’t feel right. 

Catriona Shearer on the breakfast News this morning

I had thought about going running on Tuesday morning (the sunrise looked stunning on the News this morning), but I decided a lie in (until 7:30am instead of getting up at 6:15am for a run) was in order.

I had a broken sleep again on Monday night and still don’t feel quite right.  So Tuesday night I will change my plan from swimming, to running and nice steady 6-8 mile run (depending on how I feel). 

I had the following plan for this week, but as I had a rest day on Monday, I’ve revised it:

3 rest days, 3 runs, 2 swims, and 45 mins of circuits should do me this week I think.  🙂

Swimming is good, but it drains me after it so I don’t want to drain myself through swimming when I’m not feeling 100% in the first place! 

Fit Girl has been back in the pool though… 92 lengths in an hour again last night.  🙂  Good girl!

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