M74 run along the new motorway

It was wet and rainy when we got up today – the day of the run along the M74. A day before I’d been lying by the pool in 25’C heat relaxing in Portugal. We got in late and didn’t get to bed til about 1am… up at 8am to get to the start of the M74 run.

It started at Scotland Street just around the corner from the flat, so it was just a 5 minute walk to the start. It was raining and windy all the way getting there.
Bloody freezing Scottish weather!! We sheltered a bit near the park and ride car park, then went to where we were meant to start.

The cyclists started at around about 9am ish…and we ended up walking up to the start at about ten to 10. There was the usual warm up which I tend not to take part in as I have no rhythm… I just wanted to start to warm up!!

It was meant to start at 9:30 for the runners, so I was glad when we finally got going. I was running with my friend who is still injured… so we were just going to run it easy and take in the sights.  We ended up running at around 8:30 minute mile pace… which would be an ideal pace for my ultra marathon (40 miles).  😀

We started up the front and as a result probably started out too quick, but I was ok. About 3k in my friend felt her IT band hurt and it continued for the whole run. Just after I realised (after 500mls) of caffeine boost lucozade I needed a pee, so popped into a rather conveniently placed and hardly used portaloo. Phew!

The road consisted of long slow sweeping gradients…. at points you could see right over the North side of Glasgow, Celtic Park Rutherglen… we ran over Pollockshaws, Polmedie, Rutherglen and towards Tollcross. The photos are pretty dark because at points it was pretty dark with the clouds and weather. And it was pretty windy on the exposed road.

Running, I felt a very strange sensation in my feet… the tops of my feet had been slightly sun kissed (burnt a little) the day before in the sun…. so now that they were warming up in my trainers…they felt like there were on fire!! A very odd sensation indeed!

Just before 7k I offered to let my struggling friend hop over the central reservation and cut the run short as she was in serious pain… but she hung on in there and kept going. Only 1k to half way (7k). She did well to keep going, and held a very good steady pace until about 7 miles where she was really struggling. It’s also the longest run she’s ever done which was good – perhaps not the best idea with her injury though. Luckily she’s seeing a private physio on Wednesday see if she can finally get this injury to go away!! (1 year 3 months old!!)

On the way back the weather seemed to clear a little, blue skies ahead, less rain, but the cold wind was still there. A police helicopter was flying over. It was nice to see all the places you know from above and we even got a certificate when we finished! There were about 10,000 cyclist, walkers and runners all doing the event.

Run: 8.32M, 1:11:31, Pace: 8:29, Calories: 822.
Ave HR: 155 (82%), Max HR: 248! (error with strap)…

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