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Double Spinfit cleared my headache!

Tuesday night. 5pm after 8 hours at work and a 5 mile run before work. My head was thumping. I could have made excuses not to go to double Spinfit, but I was getting a lift to the gym and … Continue reading

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Wk2 Training for 40 mile ultramarathon

Last week I managed 3 out of 4 of my planned runs… the swim on Tuesday wiped me out for Wednesday and I had a bit of a cold so I thought it was sensible not to push it when … Continue reading

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Glasgow to Greenock route

I’m planning roughly a 26 mile training route this weekend – from Glasgow to Greenock along the national cycle network route 75. I’ve done Glasgow to Paisley along the old railway route a few times and I’ve done some in … Continue reading

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Getting your pace right when you run can be a bit tricky.  Most people run too fast on their long training runs and not fast enough on their speed/tempo workouts.  Some people run at one set pace and don’t worry … Continue reading

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Wk21 – 5.1M Queens Park

I had a nice wee 2 rest days on Sunday Monday.  Sunday was the usual, teach swimming etc and Monday was the bank holiday, so I decided it would be good to take a break from running and have a … Continue reading

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