2012 Olympics Torch Bearer Nomination

When we were away in Portugal the BBC News channel publicised this:

Nominate a Torchbearer for the London Olympics

‘Do you know someone truly inspirational? This is your chance to give them their moment to shine. You have until 29 June 2011 to nominate them to be a London 2012 Olympic Torchbearer… and don’t forget, you can nominate more than one person.’

Well, I thought, that would be pretty neat and I asked my big brother Ewen (who always makes fun of me and always has but actually really likes me)… to nominate me, this is what he wrote:

‘I would like to nominate my sister Lorn, she is a fitness fanatic and recently completed her second Marathon in Lochaber in 3 hours 40 minutes, She now plans to run an ultra marathon. She ran the marathon to raise Money for Breast cancer, £1300, after one of her close young friends was diagnosed with the illness. She ran in pink and did a lot to raise awareness of the charity, she even changed her facebook name to attract more attention.

She also has her own blog about running and training to help and advise other people who could copy how she has improved her overall fitness going from walking to doing a marathon in 2 years.

She also works  second job in one of the poorer areas in Glasgow teaching young children to swim, she doesn’t do it for the money and it is actually quite inconvenient for her on a sunday but she loves teaching the kids and helping them to be safer around water.

Another challenge she set was to run 260 miles in 3 months training on facebook, for me it was cycling so she made me do 1000 miles in 3 months, the constant updates and encouragement were a great help and Lorn, myself and my brother all completed the challenge.

Lorn is also a great Auntie and is always helpful with her nieces and nephews, helping them to learn to swim, babysitting and keeping them active and healthy.

She has done an awful lot in the past two years and is always looking for new challenges like triathlons or the cairngorm challenge. I am very proud of my little sister.’

I did that nomination, obviously I had to make most of it up but it might help. 🙂

Nice eh?  Almost brought a tear to my eye! 😉  Lets hope it gets me there!  Click the link here if you’d like to nominate me too! ;-D

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