Saturday – long run then Portugal!!

We’re away on our holidays to Portugal tomorrow… Carvoeiro, the Vale De Lapa resort.  The flight leaves Glasgow at just after 3pm…so it means I’ve got some time in the morning.  And I thought what better way to spend it than doing a long run?!

I’m going to try about a 2 hour run, out to Newton Mearns and back.  I’ve not run that way before, but here’s the route:

15.5M to Newton Mearns

15.5M to Newton Mearns

Pretty warmo!  😀  I think we’ll be hiring bikes from about Monday through the week, then we’ll be back next Saturday.

I’ve also bought some books for the trip:

Born to Run: The Hidden Tribe, the Ultra-Runners, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never SeenTHE EXTRA MILE: One Woman's Personal Journey to Ultra-Running Greatness

I’ll let you know how I get on with them.  🙂  Not sure I’ll be able to read on holiday, but you never know.  I’ve not got much planned except for a few long cycles and a few runs perhaps.

The blog will be quiet over that period, but if you’re bored, why not take a wee look through the top posts section?

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