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Monday morning workout

Bella gym is meant to be reopening up after 9 days of a refit. I had a sneaky peak on Saturday and it features grey, white and orange walls, and lots of new shiny equipment and weights. And they have … Continue reading

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Wednesday Early Morning Strength

The world appeared to be conspiring against me this morning as I attempted to get to the gym for around 6:30am. Firstly… I only managed to drag my ass out of bed for 6:20am… (ok, that was my fault, not … Continue reading

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LOWER for 5: hold it: LIFT for 1

I’ve signed up to an email newsletter from Jonathan Bailor (the Author of the book Smarter Science of Slim) along with his podcasts. And I have to say, they make very interesting reading / listening. See here for more on … Continue reading

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Do’s and don’ts of Successful Strength Training

Do Use Compound Movements Compound exercises involve the movements of several joints. They allow for maximum muscle fibre and motor neuron recruitment. Don’t waste your time with isolation exercises. For 90% of fitness individuals, compound exercises will be all they … Continue reading

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Strength & Fat Burn Workout

Heres a strength and fat burn workout for someone who wants to make the most of their workout time in the gym. Research has shown that high intensity interval training is good for burning fat and helps your body keep … Continue reading

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Wk23 – Run last night, Strength Workout this morning

THURSDAY NIGHT RUN Last night I’d planned to run around 4 miles with my other half (Fit Girl)… we went out at around 6pm and we were enjoying it so much that 4 miles turned into 5, turned into 6 … Continue reading

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Why use compound exercises?

Do you go to the gym and spend an hour to an hour and a half lifting weights?  You could be wasting your time. The key to doing weights and getting them to work well for you is to work … Continue reading

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Chest, Shoulders, Arms, Plyo

A lovely morning once again today, I probably should have gone a run, but did my planned gym workout instead. Here’s what I did: The top three were 3 reps of 12. Bench press was 14kg dumbbells, shoulder press was … Continue reading

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4/5 Never hit a training plateau again

Strength training programs require constant adjustment throughout the year or you risk hitting plateaux. If you are new to strength training, such a plateau usually arrives after about six months of training.  It happened to me after gym instructors showed … Continue reading

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How much exercise to lose weight? Not that much!

You’re ready to take on the battle of the bulge. You’ve got your diet plan down, but you’re not sure how much you should be exercising to lose weight. Two days a week? Three? Maybe six or even seven? My … Continue reading

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