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Full Body Strength Workouts

I was looking for a simple strength workout which involved compound movements and worked out my full body. I want one which I can do from home with 2 x 12kg kettlebells, and one for the gym if I fancy … Continue reading

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Monday strength workout

Here’s my strength workout for a new week on Monday morning: 5 min 30:30 bike intervals 24s BB Deadlift 30kg 1. Ski Jumps 2. KB Clean & Press 12kg (singles) 3. KB Bent Over Row (16kgs) 4. KB Swing 12kg … Continue reading

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Feedback on the Bellahouston Refurb

Last week, the Bellahouston gym was closed for 9 days whilst it was being done up – the reported benefits included: Full refresh Replacement of old equipment Additional free weights (including dumbbells up to 50kg, a barbell rack and 4 … Continue reading

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Monday morning workout

Bella gym is meant to be reopening up after 9 days of a refit. I had a sneaky peak on Saturday and it features grey, white and orange walls, and lots of new shiny equipment and weights. And they have … Continue reading

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Wednesday Early Morning Strength

The world appeared to be conspiring against me this morning as I attempted to get to the gym for around 6:30am. Firstly… I only managed to drag my ass out of bed for 6:20am… (ok, that was my fault, not … Continue reading

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LOWER for 5: hold it: LIFT for 1

I’ve signed up to an email newsletter from Jonathan Bailor (the Author of the book Smarter Science of Slim) along with his podcasts. And I have to say, they make very interesting reading / listening. See here for more on … Continue reading

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Do’s and don’ts of Successful Strength Training

Do Use Compound Movements Compound exercises involve the movements of several joints. They allow for maximum muscle fibre and motor neuron recruitment. Don’t waste your time with isolation exercises. For 90% of fitness individuals, compound exercises will be all they … Continue reading

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