Wk4 – Super 8s Lower Strength Workout

Super8slogoThis morning I did the Lower split of my Super 8s Strength workout.  After getting to sleep at around 11pm, I oddly woke up, bright as a button at around 5am.  I ended up getting up and doing a few things, before making it to the gym for 630am when it opened.

super8swarmup2Once again I did my warm up of plyometric / jumpy exercises… 30 secs work, 10 secs rest and I did the round twice.

After that I went and did runs with 2 x 16kg Kettlebells, and Kettlebell swings, followed by more plyo and weights exercises.  Limited rest. Hard work. 🙂

4 exercises: 5 sets of 30 secs plyometrics, followed by 8 (or less) reps of strength exercises.  Then a finisher of plyo jumps and straight leg deadlift, followed by 1:30 mins of sprints!

Here’s what I did after the warm up (55 mins in total):

Super9sLower workout

Here’s the stats (another 3.1 on the garmin training effect!):

Super8sresults 250113

And here’s the Garmin links / heart rate graphs:

UPPER SUPER 8s 23/01/13

LOWER SUPER 8s 25/01/13

I really worked hard, but I’m pretty sure its about time I upped the weight for my Squats and Deadlifts (to 30kg or 40kg).

Here’s my updated workout sheet:


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