5 miles of thoughts (and snots)

This morning I was due to meet Gill at 6:30am at Bella for our usual 5 mile run from Bella.  She’s usually there before me, and today I should have known when I was there first that she wasn’t going to show.  A phone call from her confirmed she’d slept in….so I did the run on my own instead.

Without music, it made me realise just how much I think when I go for a run… here’s what happened:

Woke up too early.
Go for a pee.
Ahhhh….back to bed… up in just under an hour.
Woke up to the alarm.
Dreaming …
Shit – better get up for my run.

Meeting Gill at Bellahouston at 6:30am.
Better not be late.
Put on the clothes I left out last night:
Underwear, shorts, heart rate monitor, compression top, tshirt on.
Socks – trainer socks or long socks?
It’s misty out there and most probably cold…wft…Trainer socks.
Cap on.
Fuel Band and Garmin on.
Gloves in my pocket.
Buff on.
£1 in my pocket to give to back to Gill (I borrowed it the other day from her till!)
Leave the flat.

Jeezo it’s misty.
Eery.the foggy street lights
Get in car, drive to Bellahouston.
Warnings of fog in the Central Belt.
Love it when it’s like this.
Get to Bella, park up.
Key in pocket, walk to reception.
Wait in reception for a bit.
Gill isn’t there which is odd.
Karen on reception doing a membership with a customer.
Phone is ringing, queue of customers is forming.
I think, I could offer to answer the phone, it might be Gill.
(It’s not going to be anyone else at this time, and she is usually here by now).
Phone rings out, queue getting bigger.
Phone rings again, I offer to answer it.
It’s Gill, my running partner, and she’s still in her bed!
No worries, I’ll do the run on my own.

Head out, gloves on.
Start Garmin.
No music with me, I’ll have to go commando (em…without music I mean). 😉
I don’t run often without music, so when I’m made to, it’s good.
After 2 minutes, my mile beep goes off.
Garmin not picking up the satellites properly… :-/
Fastest mile I’ve ever done! 30mph!  2 minute mile!
Hey ho, I know I’m doing 5 miles, so I’ll fix it when I get back.
Mosspark Boulevard, no one around.
Love this fog.
Feeling ok, getting over the cold.
Nose starts dripping.
Don’t have a tissue, don’t really want to snot onto my gloves.
Nose continues to drip.
I imagine myself looking like a young kid with snot pouring down my lip.
(That’s what I looked like I bet you – but it’s ok, it’s dark and misty and no one can see it). 😉
Over the motorway at Dumbreck Road – nearly get soaked but managed to time it just right.
Cross the road precariously at the traffic lights when all the cars are stopped.
(Only precariously as it’s not where we would normally cross and it’s not pedestrian crossing – no danger).
2 miles in 6:28 – Garmin has caught up, but still a bit out for the 2nd mile.
Heart rate around 153…..fine.

Feeling good.
Snotting and spitting a lot though.
Finally get rid of this cold hopefully.
Hear the birdsong for the first time that I’d noticed.
Love it.
Left onto St Andrews Drive, past a massive puddle.
I hope that doesn’t get bigger.
I see a man in the mist up the road.
Then I look again and he’s gone.
Maybe it was a dog walker.
Or maybe it was a ghost !  😉
Right towards Terregles Avenue.
Looking out for my wee friend Stanley, or even Old Dog, but none of them appear.
3rd mile 8:06..that’s a bit better.

Run along Terregles Avenue.
Pass a few people, and a couple we always see who are out for a walk (at 7am!)
Not feeling too good… pain in my stomach…cramps? Who knows…
Will I walk?  Nah, it’ll be fine.
Notice the birdies again….good morning birdies.
No Mr Fox this morning, I wonder where he is.
Along to Moyra Janes / Nithsdale Road.
Christmas Lights on the trees….aw…
But it’s only the 15th of NOVEMBER!
Still, they’re pretty and Fit Girl would like them.
Past Greggs, door open, getting a delivery….mmmm…. smells good.
Hands are hot in my gloves.
Take my gloves off, hold them.
Uphill, past a few Muslim men walking to prayer.
Up Nithsdale, down Nithsdale.
Through the traffic lights which turn green for me.
(No one else is around).
Top of the first hill.
4th mile 8:04 – nice and steady – good. HR good – 151.

Downhill a little, then up and then …..weeeeeeeeeeeeee down Nithsdale towards Maxwell Drive.
Pass another runner…dressed all in black.
Why would you wear all in black on a morning like this?
At least put a bit of fluorescent, reflective or white on? Hey ho.
Wonder if she saw my streams of florescent snot?  Ha ha.
Who cares!
5th mile (after the lovely downhill): 7:44.  Good good.
35 minutes for 5 miles…(not really, remember the Garmin messed up at the start)…
Fastest I’ll ever do 5 miles in!  😉

Turn right onto Dumbreck Road again.
Road being resurfaced.
Missed the lights.
Manage to cross further up when nothing was coming.
Pass a man walking.
Run up the slight hill where Sandra and I ran on Saturday for the 10k.
Cold knees!
Should have worn big socks!
Note for next time it’s cold and foggy – wear big socks.
Not long to go now.
Turn right into the park, keep on going.
4 or 5 minutes to go.
A bike passes me.
Then around the corner I negotiate space between me and another bike on the path.
I apologise – not sure why, but I do anyway.
I notice it’s not light yet… 7:20am and it’s not light yet.
Must be the fog.
On the home straight….
Get to the big tree at the end and you can stop.
Keep on going….
I get to the big tree, and stop.
Stop my Garmin: 39:24.
8 minute miles ish. 🙂
Happy with that.

Snot continuing to pour down my lip. lol
Feeling good.
Well worth getting up for.
Blew my nose when I got back to the car.
Still feel like I’ve got a bit of a cold, so going to continue to take it easy if I do exercise. 🙂

5 miles, of good strong running.
Plenty of thoughts, lots of sights, one ghost (?), no dogs (or foxes), a few people and lots of snot.  🙂

7:54 min miles.
Ave HR: 149 (79%).
Max HR: 169 (89%).
Garmin Training Effect: 3.6.

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4 Responses to 5 miles of thoughts (and snots)

  1. Jim says:

    Just to say I have been following your blog for a while now but this entry made me smile so much. Felt as if I was doing the run myself.

    Take care,


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