Thursday thoughts

I thought I’d do this a day early, and get my thoughts together for the week.

1. Back to running for me

My achillies seems ok now (I hurt it walking the West Highland Way: 96 miles) do towards the tail end of the week I’m going to pick up my running again after about 2-3 weeks off it. I’ve been focusing more on strength work and enjoyed the change. It’s good to have some time off and mix it about a bit.

I’ll do a run tonight, a speed run with a friend. Then I’m going to do an easy 5 miler on Thursday morning and see how I get on.

Then my long runs will be on Monday nights, my speed runs on Wednesday and my easy runs on Thursday morning.


2. I’m going to be a pacer for the women’s 10k!

Back to running just in time. The opportunity to run as a 50-55 minute pacer at the Glasgow women’s 10k came up for me yesterday and I grabbed it.

I’ve done the event 3 years in a row now, 2009 (my first 10k event), 2010 (injured: dressed as the wolf from little red riding hood), 2011 where I got my pb (3 weeks after Lochaber Marathon).

I know the women’s 10k route like the back of my mind, but I decided I wouldn’t enter this year. So this opportunity is ace. Thanks to Debbie Martin Consani for putting it out there. 🙂

I should be fine running either 8 or 9 minute mile pace (50-55), although I’d better test the 8 min mile pace this week. 😉

3. How do you start exercise?

It’s been a while since I started exercising, and I’m afraid / glad to say, I don’t know what it feels like to be out of breath or unfit. But if I was starting out now, I’d start off with walking 3 times a week.

It doesn’t take too much time out. If you want to know more, see this page:

The 20 week training plan should give you what you need if you area beginner.

I also came across a neighbour who’s just joined our gym. She had the obligatory training plan from the instructors and was sitting on a weights machine when I saw her.

I wanted to download to her all of the information I know about how HIIT exercise is so good for you and do worth it. Maybe not now, just after she’s started, but once she gets into it. I’m a true believer in doing workouts efficiently, so maybe if I see her a little later I’ll see if I can explain it to her (if she wants some tips that is!)

That’s about me just now. I’ve got yoga at lunchtime, then 45 mins of speedwork tonight and circuits after that. Should be good. 🙂

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