Bad habits and will power: chocolate

In the last few weeks I’ve fallen into a bad habit of having chocolate nearly ever day: mars bars, snickers, Easter Eggs.

It tends to be mid to late afternoon when I get chocolate cravings, and think ‘f&ck it! Why not?’

It’s especially strong after I’ve fasted and the ‘f&ck it’ element comes out even more strongly as I seem to be expecting a reward for doing so well in not eating or fasting! I’m not a dog so I don’t know why I’m expecting a reward. 😉

I’ve written about habits and routine here before:

In fact with the whole buying a new house and redecorating my flat ready for letting it out, my whole diet has kind of slipped. Sausage supper here, pizza there, chocolate there.

Now I’ve recognised my ‘chocolate (and crappy food eating) problem’, when I eat it and what makes me eat it, I can maybe do something about it.

Step 1 was to:
Tell myself as from Monday I am not having chocolate.
No mars bars, snickers or Easter eggs. No celebrations at work.
If I get a craving for chocolate I can eat nuts, drink cold water or drink green tea.
Eat healthier alternatives to chocolate if need be.
Do this for at least two weeks.

Two days in and I haven’t had any chocolate!
I ignored the celebrations when I was at work today and resisted thoughts to ‘just have one’.

I made the mistake of telling Fit Girl I hadn’t had any chocolate for 2 days, and after saying well done she then offered me a big wedge of Easter egg. :-/

I resisted. As hard as it was I didn’t take a bit.

I even had a bit of chocolate in my hand and showed that I wasn’t going to eat it. I felt impressed that I’d managed not to eat it. It took some will power I thought. 🙂

The truth was that I was full up from a good healthy dinner and didn’t need any more food. Simple as.

Eating that bit of chocolate would make me feel like a failure (only lasting 2 days before giving in)… and I knew I didn’t need it.

Now I’ve always been brought up to think ‘Everything in moderation’ and whilst I’ve quit booze, diet coke and fizzy drinks… I don’t think I’m going to be adding an abstinence to eating chocolate to that list. I just want to break the ‘I need chocolate’ habit (when I don’t need it, but it is a ‘nice to have’.

Step 2 will be:
After two weeks without chocolate, reintroduce this type of chocolate, as a treat, not every night, to my diet.

It probably should be higher in cocoa content to be really good, but it’s better than mars bars and I really like the taste of it.
Two little squares, yum yum.

So that’s how I’m going to hopefully get rid of my bad chocolate habit.

Do you have any bad habits you’d like to kick? How might you get back in track with it? Would my approach of: ‘cut out, substitute, replace with healthier’ work for you?

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