Swim an ultramarathon?? Eh?

There’s an older man who goes to my gym every week day morning. He works very hard when he goes and sweats bucket loads. He appears to do the same things all the time though and today was saying that he wasn’t getting the results he wanted.

He said he does lots of cardio to burn fat, and I’ve seem him do high intensity stuff too which is good. But perhaps he could work more on strength and full body stand up workouts as opposed to crunches lying on the mat (the mat supports you, however when you stand, you need to support yourself).

Far be it from me to say it to him that perhaps he should mix things up a bit and maybe take some advice from a fitness instructor in the gym. I did suggest a few things to him, but he seemed very set in his ways. Good for him. 😉

We’ve got chatting over the last few weeks and when I told him I was pacing for the women’s 10k, out of no where he said he and his mate had done a marathon, in 2:36.

I thought, that’s great, bet it was a while ago, and left it. Then today I asked him when it was he did his 2:36 marathon and he said it was in his 30s so I’m guessing around 20-30 years ago. He proceeded to tell me 2:36 is 6:10 pace, which I’m aware of.

He said he was lucky then as it was when running took off and there were lots of people out running 100 miles a week and it was very competitive.

I told him I like to compete against myself more than being concerned about if other people can be faster than me.

I also said that nowadays there’s evidence that less is more in marathon training and they you can get by on 3-4 runs a week, 30-50 miles a week fine.

He was boasting away again so I said:

‘Have you ever done an ultramarathon?’

And he said:

‘No, I can’t swim, you see.’

I nearly said what you are thinking … ‘He’s thinking Triathlon, Lorn said ultramarathon’, but I just had a little smile to myself and continued with my work out. Lol

He is a nice man, just a bit too competitive for my liking and doesn’t want to hear anything from a silly little lassie like me. 😛 each to their own.

Today’s workout done anyway:

55 mins of chest, shoulders, arms and plyo: 30 secs work: 6-15 secs rest. 3 circuits of each

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