Fri, Sat, Sun 27th – 29th…rest

Last weekend I didn’t do much exercise apart from swimming teaching on Saturday morning and Sunday night as we had the men installing the heating.  I gave up the aim of doing a 10k on Saturday morning to work teaching swimming instead.  An extra few £££ for my holiday fund maybe. 
I was going to do it on Sunday morning, but had a much needed lie in after a full Saturday out of the flat.
Last week I did a 5 mile run, a 3.7 mile run and a 2 mile run.  So this week I want to up it.
I’m going to do the 10k I missed out, tonight, then do an early morning 3.7M run ( 1M warm up, 2 x 8 mins fast, 5 min cool down. ) on Tuesday.
Wednesday morning a 5.1M easy run.
Thursday night 5.1M on the treadmill.
Saturday morning (or Sunday) 12 miles. – I’ll need to do a route for the 12 mile run.
A total of 32 miles – fingers crossed!!  That should help me on the ‘150 miles by the end of January’ leader board on nike plus!
I’m not going to do a lot else – basketball on Thursday, the gym on Tuesday.  My new compound exercise routine.
Life is pretty hectic at the moment – the flat is all upside down so training is taking a bit of a back seat.  I can’t wait til I get the carpet fitted so we can get back to normal, plus heating and hot water!  I’m lifting the old bedroom carpet tongith after my 10k run!! Phewy.!
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