7 x 1:1 min Speed repeats

About a month or so ago I signed up for a garmin online training plan for a half marathon. 4 runs a week, I thought it would give me some motivation to push myself a bit more than I normally would, and a plan to go along with… and it seems to be working.

Coach Amy seems to have confidence in me anyway. 😂

My vo2 max estimate seems to be going up, and I’m running faster than I usually do, (because usually I’m just not all that bothered about it). But with 1-2 speed or effort sessions a week on the plan, it’s making me work hard and get out and do it.

Today I woke up to a rather grey, wet and soggy day… a big contrast to yesterday… but I got my shorts and vest and cap on, and out on a thin jacket too. I’m the rain wasn’t all that bad when I went out, but it was a little heavier but the time I was finished. I’ve been more soaked before.

So today’s run workout was:
1 mile warm up,
then 7 sprints and recoveries – 1 min fast, 1 min recover,
then a mile to cool down / finish.
By the end I was at about 3.8 miles so I rounded it up to 4 miles.

I did it along the Clyde at the front of where our house is. Not far from the Squinty Bridge. I felt strong throughout, and knocked out all 6:02 to 6:35 ish minute mile pacing for the 1 min intervals. My HR went up to about 165 on the intervals, peaking at 169 on the last one.

My cadence on the sprints was about 190, faster feet do make you go faster overall.

One thing that has happened on the last three speed / effort runs I’ve been on is that little dogs have wanted to join me… 2 in festival park the other day, 1 in glasgow green yesterday and another, out neighbour’s little dog Oscar today. They just want to have fun and run with me!

After the run today I felt like I’d worked, but not too hard, which is a good sign. Here are the obligatory Squinty Bridge photos… one from when I was doing the sprints…

And one on my cool down jog, the Finnieston crane and the bridge. A proper grey, rainy day, but good conditions for running. I was out for just over 30 mins, just enough to get a good workout in but not get totally drenched through.

Next week I see I have a 4 mile effort session, then 6 x 1:30:1:30 and an easy short run and an easy long run. And I’ll mix all that in with my strength training and daily 25 press-ups and nominations.

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