Thursday 26th – early morning run

Well.. I was meant to go out for a run on Wednesday morning..and I just couldn’t get out of bed… so I did it this morning … JUST!
I managed to drag myself out of bed by about 7 and left at 7:20.  It was still dark and a bit windy – but I was nice and wrapped up well, with my high viz jacket on and my hat (plus the other usuals).  I ran the Queen’s park 5.1M route and did it in just under 42 minutes.  It was pretty hard going and I don’t think the wind was behind me at any point!  By the time I got home it was nearly light (8am) and I lelt good for having gone!  I must try and remember that feeling when I can’t get out of bed in teh future to run.
RUN: 5.1M, 41:47, 550 calories, pace: 8:14 minutes per mile.
basketball tonight – and getting ready for the men coming to install heating!!
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