5 week advanced 10k plan

This 5 week 10k plan is aimed at the advanced runner – a runner who is aiming to beat their PB, or do a good 10k run in 5 weeks time.

I made it for Fit Girl – so it encorporates her usual weights and spinfit session / cross training sessions and 3-4 runs a week.

wu = warm up, cd = cool down.

See the pdf version here for printing: 5 week advanced 10k plan

The effort runs (or interval runs), hill runs and tempo runs will be 35 mins long.
With the intervals, hills or tempo between the warm up and cool down.
On the intervals (1:1 / 2:2 / 3:3) and tempo you should aim to travel further in the 35 mins than the last time.

Long runs should be done at an easy conversational pace.

The 10k Time Trial should be done mostly on the event route if possible.

On spin day – run easy to gym 2 miles, spinfit, run easy home 2 miles.

Women’s 10k – in sub 50 mins – here we come!

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