Wk14 Summary – Wk15 Training Plan

Last week I got quite a few runs done … but probably had more rest days than not … although I’m not sure if you can classify decorating as rest?

photo 31

I ran twice on Tuesday – 12 miles all together, had a rest day Monday, Wednesday and Thursday and ran 5 miles on Friday.  Saturday (rest) I was consumed by painting and decorating the flat (which is now fully redecorated throughout!) and Sunday I ran just over 6 miles at Kaizen Run Club. 

So 4 runs: around 24 miles and 3 rest days.  Good thing is we got the flat finished and I even set up this website in preparation of letting it out:


This week I decided I would definately get back to the gym and swim in the mornings, and got this weekly plan together:

Wk15 Training Plan

Mon AM: Lower Strength (and 24hr Fast)
PM: Rest

whw4Tue AM: Rest
PM: Kaizen Run Club – Hills

Wed AM: Swim
PM: Rest

Thu AM: Rest and Fast
PM: Rest

Fri AM: Upper Strength and Treadmill hill walk
PM: Rest

 Sat AM: Long Walk 6-8 hrs – Glasgow to Greenock
PM: Rest

Sun AM: Kaizen Run Club
PM: Swim Teaching Wk1

The main thing of this week has been my return to the gym (I am a little sore today, but not as bad as I expected) and swim (if I can make it to the pool on Wednesday morning at 630am) and a long walk from Glasgow to Greenock in preparation of us walking the West Highland Way in 3 days at the start of May.

Glw to Greenock

I’ll let you know how we get on. 🙂

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