10 week beginner plan: 0 to 5k to 10k!


It’s just over 9 weeks until the Glasgow Women’s 10k and I’m helping someone train for it, so I thought I’d share the training plan with you. 🙂

It’s a 10 week plan, split into 2 x 5 week blocks:

Weeks 1-5 – Zero to 5k.
Walk / Running.
(or if you’re able to run, just run for the total time suggested.)

Weeks 6-10 – 5k to 10k.
Running non stop.

Here’s the plans:
Excel version (able to be amended) – 10 week 10k plan – excel
pdf version (good for tablets) – 10 week 10k plan – pdf


10K PLANW= Walk   (W5 = walk for 5 minutes)
R = Run     (R3 = run for 3 minutes)
X4 = repeat 4 times.

It’s based on 4 runs a week, but if you get caught up with life and can only fit 3 in, feel free to not do the Run 2.  🙂

So if you want to start running, or you want to run the 10k, here’s your plan.  Why don’t you do it from Monday 10th March and you should be ready to run the 10k in May!  🙂
(Make sure you start on week 2!)

You can do it!

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