Good ways of eating

Nutrition FoodA friend text me today asking me if I knew of any good but easy enough healthy eating plans… my first thought was for her to follow the Smarter Science of Slim – where you eat mainly Veg, Fish, Meat, Eggs, Nuts and Berries (see  more here:

An online PDF short version of the book: 7 days of SANEity guide to what you to eat including recipes and an overview of what you should be eating to be in the best shape of your life.   Basically, you should be cutting out starchy veg (potatoes, pasta, chips, baked goods), sweet refined foods, and eating non starchy veg, food which is high in protein, fibre and water.  This booklet gives you shopping lists and recipes for a week of healthy SANE eating and is a good starter to eating smart.  :-) )

Then I came up with this:

There are two ways of eating I use to try to eat healthy.
(My journey: I’ve lost around 24lbs & 10% body fat in 4 years by doing ‘eating healthy and exercising’).

1. Eating healthy natural foods (most of the time) and
2. Intermittent fasting.

healthy-snack1. Eating healthy natural foods.

See the link below for 4 steps on how to improve what and how you eat:

  • Some of it is simply making a conscious effort to have everything you consume as healthy or a healthier option.
  • Substitution: We all have habits in what we eat and if we regularly eat something which would be more healthy, it’s good to replace that regular option with something healthier. (ie. Replace mars bars for fruit or veg, diet coke for water, baked potatoes for sweet potatoes.)
  • photo1Base your meals on protein (fish, vegs, eggs, meat)… and get your carbs from natural sources (ie veg).

  • Snack on good snacks including berries, cucumber, tomatoes, eggs, nuts. See this tasty snack: Oaty Nutty Fruity Greek Yoghurt.
  • Avoid crappy carbs (sugary foods),eat regular small portions, and drink plenty water and green tea.
  • Prepare your food in advance so you always eat well. See here for some of my food prep.

Another link to make you think about what and how you eat is here:

How you eat shouldn’t be complicated – it should be simple and straightforward.  Create good habits and eat good food which is nutritious. 

Don’t think about going on a diet – think about fueling your body to perform the best it can. Change things up and see what makes you feel at your best.

IF fasting2. Intermittent Fasting is where you don’t eat or limit how much you eat for 18-24 hours once or twice a week.  See more here:

I’ve been doing it since August 2012, and don’t have weight to lose so haven’t lost any, but for people who have weight to lose it works.

Other benefits are listed here:

See my fuel for a fast day here.

Hopefully that will help.  🙂

I combine healthy eating… with exercise… with fasting and it all seems to work out.  What works for you?

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