Hey Mr Big Man

Hey Mr Big Man… why are you doing this to yourself?
By 8:20am at work, you’ve eaten a roll and sausage, a sandwich and a packet of crisps.
Not to mention the can of coke you cracked open and guzzled.


What will it take for you to realise that this isn’t healthy?
That it’s the reason you’re overweight and verging on obese.
What will it take for you to change your ways? 

Do you care about yourself? Do you want to live a long time?
Do you want to be there for your kids when they grow up?
Do you want to be there for yourself, your friends and family?


Fuel your body with crap, and what do you expect to happen?
Do you think you’ll be healthy and full of energy, or unhealthy and drained? Are you getting enough sleep? What are your stress levels like?

When will you realise that it’s your actions and your choices that are making you this way?
Will you ever realise that it’s time for you to change?
What will it take for to realise that it’s time for you to change your ways?


Climbing up the stairs and being out of breath?
Not fitting into your clothes anymore? Going over a certain number on the scales?
A heart attack, or a diagnosis of diabetes or another debilitating disease?

What led you to eat like that? Do you think it’s healthy? Do you even care?
What makes you think it’s normal? Are you worried about your weight and lifestyle?
What will it take for you to change your lifestyle and your life?


– – –

You could change your life forever, just by making little changes, bit by bit.
Get help, advice and support from those you know. Ask around, find what works for YOU.
You have the ability to choose life, health and fitness over illness, obesity and illness.

It might take a long time, and it might be hard at the start.
But once you get into the way of it, your improved actions can become habits.
You can make positive changes in your life and change your life forever.


Ask others who have done it, research online or get a personal trainer or coach to help you.
Let your friends and family know what you’re doing, get them to help and support you.
Learn how to eat better and move more, set goals and achieve what you want to.


It might seem like you have a mountain to climb, but you can do it.
You can choose to change what you eat, how much you move, and you can lose the excess weight.
This is life or death, and you can do it – you can change your life and change your world.

So…what are you waiting for?


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