How to improve what you eat and lose weight?

SLR nutritionA friend of mine has asked for some help with losing weight.  One thing I’ve learned is that you can exercise until the cows come home… but it’s actually in the kitchen that makes a big difference.  Exercise can help, but improving what and when you eat, can really make a massive difference.

dietsdontworkNo diets, no pills, no wonder drug, no surgery, no restrictions – just good nutritional food and drink, to fuel your body and brain to do what’s required of you (and more!) – that’s what I’m all about. Banish headaches for good, eat well, fuel your body and change your life through what you consume.

choose good foodI’m not trained in nutrition, but I’ve learned and read over the years, and I’m confident that I know what works and what doesn’t work – food wise.

I’ve lost 11kg / 23lbs and 10% body fat through good activity levels, and improving what I eat week by week, month by month, year by year.  I’m happy, very fit and healthy and love helping others to get this way too.  I eat eggs for breakfast, a good home prepared chicken or fish based lunch, good snacks and a good dinner (usually).  I go by an 80:20 rule where most of my intake is good, and some of my intake is not so good.  Balanced and healthy. I gave up alcohol, don’t drink fizzy juice, aim to drink plenty water, try to eat healthy, try to avoid sugar, sometimes eat crap, mostly eat good food.

scalesMy friend wants to ‘lose a stone before Christmas‘ and whilst that might not be achievable, I can help her with getting on the right path to improve what she eats in order to make improvements and hopefully help her to lose weight through nutrition (and through doing exercise she enjoys).

My first suggestions would be:

1. Write down what you eat and drink in a week.
2. Look over what you eat and aim to switch out bad food choices for better ones (or get someone else to look over your food choices and suggest alternatives.)
3. Rate the foods you’ve written down (change red and orange choices to green ones!):
Red – must replace with something healthier / more nutritional.
Orange – could be healthier / more nutritional.
Green – Good food or drink choice.
4. Consider what you should avoid (food and drink) to lose weight and replace it with better choices (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks).

5. Drink water daily / as your main liquid intake (avoid fizzy drinks (a must) and alcohol if you can / want to).
6. Eat mindfully, not habitually: think about every mouthful you take before you do.
7. Eat enough food, regularly, and fuel your body / exercise.
8. Eat small portions: eat from smaller plates / bowls.
9. Make it simple – think good nutrition, don’t over think it or make it to complicated.
10. Be in it for the long haul, don’t see it as a ‘diet’ – see it as a healthier way of being.

And here are the rest of the tips I gave my friend:

Eat for nutrition, fuel your body and your mind.
Eat colourful, tasty, home prepared foods.
Treat your body like a baby’s – only put in good food you would feed a baby.
Fill up on protein, veg and fat based foods.
More veg, more fish, more meat, more eggs, more berries.
Eat what you enjoy and eat enough food to prevent hunger.
Eat a good breakfast, medium lunch and small dinner.
Eat carbs in the morning or post exercise.
Eat regularly, small healthy portions, use smaller plates if necessary.
Drink water throughout the day.
Replace diet coke with an alternative drink (water / tea / coffee)
Reduce, limit or eliminate alcohol intake (empty calories / hangover binges).
Replace sugary / carby foods with better, tasty nutritional options.
Foods high in sugar, simple carbs or fructose promote increase in insulin / fast storage.
Fruit is good and not so good: Eat oranges or berries (instead of apple / banana = fructose/carbs).
Avoid: Fried foods, sugary foods, simple / white carbs.
Opt for: Boiled, steamed, scrambled, raw, water based, protien / fat / veg based for satiety.
Always look to improve the choices you make in your regular, usual foods or drinks: one by one.
Change your habits to improve what you eat and drink: one by one, week by week.
Prepare your food for the day or for the week: tubs / bottles / pack lunches.
Carry water with you wherever you go: keep it chilled in a fridge at work / home.
Think about what you CAN and SHOULD eat as opposed to what you SHOULDN’T eat.
Consider your appetite: are you are hungry, or thirsty? – drink water if in doubt.
Be the best you can be – become the Super version of you!

Unsure of WHAT you should be eating?
Think natural and healthy, non manufactured, think what our cavemen ancestors would eat/consume:
Meat, fish, veg, eggs, berries, nuts, more veg, water.

See the Smarter Science of Slim 7 day guide below for ideas.

Try out things and do what works for you:
regular meals / snacks
Intermittent fasting
Reduced portion sizes
Food substitution (replacing bad with good / better)

Finally, here are some links for reading:

Smarter Science of Slim
7 day Smarter Science Food Guide
How to improve what and how you eat
Super Lean Nutrition
16 healthy eating & weight loss tips
10 ways to keep going
Good ways of eating
Lorn’s Food Prep

Hopefully, some of that might help you too.  🙂

Look out for my training / activity tips to follow.

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5 Responses to How to improve what you eat and lose weight?

  1. Jill says:

    Perhaps a dumb question Lorn, but I’m guessing there is something in diet coke that’s no good for weight loss, even tho 0 cals and sugar? (Be gentle with me, the nutrition u haven’t quite fot my head around!)

  2. Jill Hamilton says:

    Wow! That’ll do for me. Thanks Lorn.

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