My Mocha Proteinshake

One of my regular readers Jill asked me the following question:

I was wondering what is in your chocolate and coffee protein shake? I really struggle with the taste of whey and so I’m hoping your recipe does not contain it?

See a previous post here for how I make my Mocha Proteinshake

I use this protein powder (in choc smooth):


If whey doesn’t agree with you, you could go to Our Range > Protein and look at the other options perhaps?

To make my mocha proteinshake:

protein 2

I mix a piled scoop (25mls+) of protein powder and
a half level scoop Nescafe Azuro blended coffee,
and mix it with about 400mls of coconut milk in my shaker,
then transfer it into a flask to take to work.

 protein 3

PS: If you do buy from – can you use my referrer code please? 🙂


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