Tuesday – Swim Run….

Tonight I went to Bella after work and did my second swim session.  3450m aiming to concentrate on swimming 750m and getting to know the best / fastest way to swim front crawl.  I wanted to test whether I swam faster when I tried hard to, or if I was quicker when I swam steadily (perhaps more efficiently). I wanted to see if when I didn’t kick my legs, I might be more streamlined (less drag) and quicker.

So here it is:

Swim Session 2 – Summary – 3450m – 64:34 minutes.

Ave HR: 155, Max HR: 174, Min HR: 89. Calories: 782.

4 x 100m FC / BC : 1:34, 1:59, 1:39, 2:03 (rests: 10, 4, 5, 48).
750m FC steady : 12:29 minutes, HR 156 (rest: 1:22)
750m FC fast arms, steady kick : 12:10 minutes, HR 166 (rest: 1:05)
750m FC pull (arns only) : 12:29 minutes, HR 154 (rest: 49)
800 various : 16:00 minutes.
(4 x 200m: 50 kick, 50 one arm, 50 DPS, 50 3/5/7/3)

Interstingly – when I did FC steady, I did it in exactly the same time as arms only – suggesting my pull stroke can be as efficient as my steady FC stroke.

But – unfortunately for me – tonight confirmed that if I want to go faster, I need to concentrate on moving my arms faster and swimming faster overall.  It’s hard work, but means I can aim for around about 12 minutes (720 secs) for 750m – if I try really hard.  My Heart Rate was 166 when I was swimming the fast 750m – 87% of my max heart rate – so I was working pretty hard. Open-mouthed

After the swim, I went out for a 6k run.  Did it in 31:40. 5k time would have been 26:31, but I was ok with that as my legs were a little tight after the swim.

SWIM: 2.14M / 3450m, 64:34 mins, 782 calories.
RUN: 6k, 31:40 mins, 400 calories.
Total almost 1200 calories.

I was starving when I got in so had chicken, peas n rice. Yum!!  Not sure if I’m going to do the cycle tomorrow morning… it’s going to be pouring so I might leave it to later in the week – or do a hard gym session on the bike tomorrow night.

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