Sunday – Triathlon test day!

Today I did the triathlon distances.  I swam 750m, then cycled 20k, then ran 5k.  It was good – apart from the RAIN!!  It wasn’t the worst rain I’ve been in, but it had wind behind it…and felt bad enough when I was on the bike and the run.  Good training anyway!

Swim: 750m, 12:10 minutes
Bike: 20k, 45 minutes
Run: 5k: 22 minutes

Total: 1 hour 19. (Plus transistion times).

The swim went well, I took it steady – was at 5:56 half way, and slowed a little before the end.

Then went out on the bike – out to Paisley – wind in my face all the time… and the rain.  At one point I looked down and my legs were red raw, I was wondering what the hell I was doing.  I figured that if the wind wasw against me on the way to Paisley, it would be at my back on the way back..and it was luckily, got some speed up before my chain came off – think I’ll get it looked at… then went back to Bella and up Nithsdale Road, long hill… down back and round to Bella again.  Did the 20k in 45 minutes, the same as the other day.

The rain had cleared up by the time I’d finished the cycle part of the tri – I chained my bike up and put my helmet in to the leisure centre. I pout a t-shirt on, and headed out…only to hear the receptionist say…’I dont know what happened ..  the sun was splitting the sky a minute ago!’…I went out only to find the skies had opened again! 

So I headed out in the rain – and as usual, when it’s driving rain – I ran faster than I normally do.  Did the 3 x 1 mile loops in 22 minutes.  The rain helped push me around I think – although after about 10 minutes it had gone off. 

In total, I cycled 27.5k including 4 miles to and from the leisure centre.  Around 1500 calories burned.

Felt tired earlier but had a little nap… had enough food to keep me going though… baked potatoe with chilli for lunch and chocolate for lunch, and two burgers for dinner.

All in all a good day.  It’s three weeks to the triathlon and I’m pretty sure I’m ready for it. x

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