My Set Point?

I came across a rather strange thing the other day when I was looking at the data I’ve been recording about my weight and exercise for the last 6 years. It was kind of invoked by someone asking me if my body composition had changed with the strength work I’d been doing.

lorn weight 1

I’ve been recording my weight and body fat in a spreadsheet since I started my weight loss journey in 2008.  Through increased activity and better eating, I’ve reduced my weight from 147lbs to 124lbs, and reduced my body fat from around 30% to 20%.


I’m proud that I’ve been able to MAINTAIN my weight loss and body composition for the last 3 years (since I got into marathon training, smart exercising/strength training and eating better).

Anyway – I looked back at my weight for this date each year and was pleasantly surprised to find that (after my initial weight loss to get to 124lbs / 20.5% body fat) my weight and body fat have been almost identical at this time of the year for the last 3 years!

date year lbs kg fat % fat lbs water %
27/08/08 1 141 64.1 26.8% 38 53.4%
26/08/09 2 135 61.4 23.5% 32 55.7%
25/08/10 3 133 60.5 23.0% 31 56.2%
24/08/11 4 124 56.4 20.4% 25 58.1%
22/08/12 5 124 56.4 20.5% 25 58.0%
21/08/13 6 124 56.4 20.5% 25 57.8%

This is where the Set Point theory perhaps comes in:

Set-Point Weight: The weight that our fat metabolism system automatically works to keep us at regardless of the quantity of calories we take in or exercise off.

Our fat metabolism system automatically regulates our weight around a “set-point.” That set-point is why no matter how little we eat or how much we exercise, we generally end up weighing the same. It is why you can get sick, lose weight, but then gain it all back. It is also why heavy people do not keep getting heavier and heavier until they explode.  See more here on the Smarter Science of Slim website.

Since 2008 I’ve probably kept up a similar level of exercise, and improved what I eat and drink month on month, but my body composition and weight have been maintained at perhaps what is the body composition and weight I’m meant to be.  🙂

Acitivy + Healthy Intake = Weight loss / maintanence.


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