How to improve your nutrition: part 2

Following on from How to improve what and how you eat: part 1… here is part 2:


So how can you improve your nutrition?  Count calories? Go on a diet?  Or just eat consciously and eat healthier?

Count Calories:  Do I think counting calories / keeping a track of what you eat is a good idea?  I think initially, keeping a food diary to start off is a good idea, but after that you should decide WHAT it is you want to eat, then naturally try to stick to it.  Forget the numbers and the counting of calories… if you are entitled to 2000 calories a day, you could eat 2000 calories of fruit (a lot), or 2000 calories of chocolate (not so much)… it’s not about how many calories in your food that’s important, it’s about the QUALITY of the food you eat that’s important.

NutritionIf there are any bad things in your diet, or things you can improve on, change the bad options for good options.  Start off with an idea of what you will (good) (and won’t (bad)) eat, plan it and stick to it.  Then after that, if there’s still room for improvement, you can make one swap (bad for good) a week so that eventually you’ll be eating mostly good stuff.

I’d say forget about counting calories.  I’ve never done it or been able to do it.

diets dont work(Don’t) go on a diet:  Don’t think about going on a ‘diet’, think about fuelling your body.  Think about giving it the best nutrients you can, so that it can run the best it can.  Treat it like a machine.  You wouldn’t put bleach in your car engine, so don’t put crap into your body!  And don’t starve yourself: feed and water  your body regularly, avoid hunger at all costs, and you shouldn’t have energy crashes or feel the need to binge.  You last a lifetime, so look after yourself.

For me, the key to getting a good balance with your nutrition is to eat a healthy, balanced and nutritious diet.  Eat little and often, and get as many nutrients into your body to make it work the best it can work.

a balanced diet.By eating ‘good’ foods which are high in water, protein and fibre, you will allow your body to burn fat automatically.  You will fill yourself up so that there’s no room for sweet or crappy foods.  Whereas if you eat ‘bad’ foods you will end up storing fat and will prevent your body from being able to burn fat.  Eat ‘good’ foods and everything else will take care of itself.

Don’t restrict how much you eat, but be sensible, eat more high quality food and burn more body fat long term:

This might help you see how I keep trim.  I do exercise a lot, but I see my nutrition as a way to fuel my body for all of the demands I put on it.  I general eat at these times and eat these things.  The list may give you an idea of what and when to eat, but remember to eat what you like as long as it is ‘good’ food, and forms part of a healthy, balanced and nutritious diet:

Lorn’s Typical Day Drinking/Eating
7am Water
8am Packet of porridge and Protein milkshake
11am Left over protein milkshake
1pm Bagel & peanut butter & cottage cheese
3pm Fruit (melon / berries)
4pm Nuts (only if hungry)
430pm Small chicken beetroot veg nuts greek yogurt bowl
7pm Meat n veg / salad / fish & veg / egg based meal (‘good’ foods).
(Only water to drink throughout the day)

When I’m out for dinner, I try to go for a meat and veg, or fish and veg, or an egg based meal.  I ask for veg instead of chips / potato based foods, and I drink soda water or mineral water.  And I’ve started drinking tasty green tea too.. 🙂  never thought I’d see the day I’d say that…. but it’s nice and has lots of health benefits. 😀

Look out for the next two parts in this series:

3. 10 Steps to Improving Your Nutrition
4. How to Improve How & What You Eat


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