Wk8 – First swim of the year

Cardio SwimThis morning I was up just after 6am to go swimming. 

The pain in my left Hip Flexor had eased a lot since Sunday afternoon where I found it hard to walk and had very limited range of movement. 


I had taken some diclofenac on Sunday, to ease the pain and thought that teaching swimming fo 4 hours might be a challenge – but I managed it fine and my leg felt better after walking  around poolside.  It’s still not right though so I’m going with my plan of swimming (instead of running and strength training) for the rest of the week.

I could hardly lift my left leg to get into my car without manually helping it with my hand, but today I can lift it up so that my quad is horizontal. Phew.  I don’t think it will like running for a while though… which is fine.

Anyway, here’s what I did this morning in the pool:

1bella pool0 lengths: FC arms only
10 lengths: FC swim
10 lengths: FC arms only
10 lengths: FC weighted (hard work)
10 lengths: FC swim
10 lengths: FC arms only
10 lengths: FC swim
10 lengths: FC arms only
80 lengths / 2,000m: 39:29

Lucky for me there were only really another two in the lane with me… and they were swimming fine with no interuptions, hand slaps or drama.  I stopped a few times to let them pass and was greeted by a gracious thank you each time.  And there were no twinges in my leg.  The only thing I’m dealing with now is the dehydration I tend to get after I swim.

I’m still undecided what I’m going to do for Run Club tomorrow night… however it may involve a bike, to be sensible.  And later in the week I might try a wee upper body strength workout… one day at a time though.  So far I’m planning on swimming (80 lengths): Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri mornings.

I’m going to take the change in direction (exercise wise) this week to try and improve what I’m eating. 

I’m going to keep a food diary for this week and hopefully cut out the crap (like mars bars and sugar) and replace it with healthier options.  Plenty of water and green tea too.  🙂  Let’s see if I can get to my favourite weight of between 124 – 120lbs. 🙂

Weight chart 180213

I got some new scales at the start of the year.. Withings WIFI ones and I’m finding my weight seems to flucuate a lot more on them (than my cheapy salter ones).  The body fat is about 4% more as well which is a bit annoying… but hey ho. 

The scales are cool – you stand on them and your weight and bodyfat magically goes to your online account… (by wifi)… I must refrain from doing it more than once a week though!  I think I’ll weigh my self on the same day each week… I just need to decide when – maybe Tuesday morning.

Anyway – they said I was 129lbs today…(I’ve been around 126lbs recently)… so lets see if a change in exercise for 1-2 weeks and healthier eating can improve things for me.  I like 124lbs so I’ll aim for that, and maybe aim for 20% body fat too (23.8% just now).

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