Glasgow Marathon?

For more info on the Glasgow Marathon cause – like the Glasgow Marathon Facebook page here.

So, I want to do a marathon in 2013.  I can’t decide what one to do, and to be honest, none are sticking out for me.  I want to do one in the Spring… around April time… but I’ve not been able to find one that I fancy.

sore legs after the Lochaber Marathon in 2011. ;-)

sore legs after the Lochaber Marathon in 2011. 😉

I looked at Edinburgh and thought, I’d rather spend £50 on something other than running through or around Edinburgh, I looked at the D33, but I did that this year, and had such a good time that I thought I wouldn’t be able to top last years event.  I don’t particularly want to do London, and I’ve done Lochaber.

I really considered the Loch Ness Marathon but it’s not at the time of year I want to do a marathon at (but definitely one for the future though).  I looked abroad, but I don’t really want to travel too far to run a marathon so ruled any ones abroad out too.

The Strathern one looks good, but it’s in June a bit later than I wanted to do one.  I’d love to run a marathon somewhere in America, but again, that’s probably one for the future.

I run generally in and around Glasgow, and I’d really really like to do a Glasgow Marathon.  I’ve already run a marathon or three around Glasgow:

Wk52 – Last Marathon of 2011
Wk47 – 33.33M around Glasgow
Wk21 – 26.2M Glasgow to Greenock Marathon

There used to be a Glasgow Marathon, in the late 70s into the 80s…“The present day Glasgow event started life as a full marathon in 1979, prior to the advent of the people’s races, or ‘fun runs’, continuing through to 1987 as a full marathon before changing to a half marathon in 1988. ”  From the website: Glasgow Marathon

But there isn’t an official current Glasgow Marathon… yet.  Right now, there is a Facebook campaign going on called Glasgow Marathon  (click the link and like it if you want) – so far it has 652 likes…but I’m not sure how much momentum it’s having.  It has been in the Evening Times here

The 26.2mile race was launched in 1979 and continued to 1987, when numbers greatly declined. It was changed to a half marathon in 1988.  Lack of television coverage and the absence of a main sponsor were cited as possible reasons. But hundreds of people have backed an online campaign on Facebook to re-instate a marathon in Scotland’s largest city.  Running enthusiasts believe it suggests there is an appetite for a full marathon.   
Glasgow Life, which organises the city’s other running events, believes staging a full marathon would prove “challenging” due to the amount of road closures required and the cost.

.. but at the moment, there doesn’t seem to be much noise or movement with the Facebook campaign… perhaps it will pick up, especially with the Commonwealth Games coming in 2014.

It all got me thinking… I can run the Glasgow Marathon.  I can train for it, as if I’m training for an official marathon, set myself a date – and run it.  I’ve looked online and found some information here The Glasgow Marathon, and even a map from 1982 (when I was 2 years old might I add).

Sure, I won’t get a medal, but I can still run the route and make it my own challenge.  And maybe get others interested too.

If Glasgow Life say they can’t put on a Marathon Event, there’s nothing stopping me just going out and running the old route now is there?  Perhaps Glasgow Life will bring back the marathon, but in the meantime, in April of 2013, I’m going to run my own Glasgow Marathon.  🙂

Here’s the route I’m going to follow: Glasgow Marathon 2013

Glasgow Marathon Route 2013

From Paisley Road, Govan Road,
Lorne Street, Paisley Road West, Bellahouston Park,
Corkerhill Road, Barrhead Road, Pollok Park,
Fleurs Avenue, Maxwell Drive, St Andrews Drive,
Maxwell Road, Eglington Toll, King George V Bridge,
Clyde Street, Glasgow Green, Salt Market,
George Street, St Vincent St, W Nile St,
Sauchihall St, Kelvin Way, University Avenue,
Byres Road, Queen Margaret Drive, Maryhill Road,
Skaethorn Rd, Temple Rd, Bearsden Rd,
Great Western Rd, Anniesland Rd, Queen Victoria Drive,
(I think I need to check this bit out and make it the best it can be)
Dumbarton Rd, Victoria Park Drive, Science Centre,
Stobcross Rd, Clydeside, Lancefield Quay,
King George V Bridge, Clyde Place, West St,
Paisley Rd!

GLASGOW MarathonIt might not follow the route exactly, but it is 26.2 miles and it will do for me!  I’ll run most of the route in training runs, just to get used to it, and to make sure I get the route right too.

I’ve still to finalise a training plan and date (a Saturday in April I think) for me to do the Glasgow Marathon, but I’m well up for it.  🙂

I wonder if anyone else will be too?  😉
I’m looking forward to 2013 already!

Finally, if you want to follow my progress, you can sign up for updates to my blog on the right hand column of this page, or like my Facebook page: Lorn Pearson Trains.

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14 Responses to Glasgow Marathon?

  1. stevieglesga says:

    Too soon for me as currently training for EMF but do my own south side half marathon, so might do this too later in year. Great post Lorn.

  2. Yes! Lorn! I would definitely be interested in joining you. If that’s ok. Running Edinburgh the following month

  3. remberbuck says:

    Your route is fabulous, and why Glasgow doesn’t build on the GSR half surprises me.
    Don’t fancy running through or around Edinburgh? Don’t worry. Because the EMF doesn’t either.

    • lornpearson says:

      Heh heh. I knew EMF didn’t go through Edinburgh but I didn’t fancy checking out the route as I’d rather spend the £50 on trainers! 😉 Glasgow should build on the Great Scottish Run, and hopefully they will! Thanks for your comment x

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  9. Graeme Wilson says:

    This looks like a great route, I’d be delighted to run it. If the Council could let the race go over the Kingston Bridge like the half does it would be even better. I hope the City embraces the Marathon as part of the build up to the Commonwealth Games. The finish on Glasgow Green would be brilliant. The Edinburgh Marathon ( I’ve run it twice, and the half twice) is a bit of an embarrassment. Surely one of Scotlands two great cities can orgainse a marathon to be proud of ?

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