Why I like the Nike Fuel Band

I’ve had my Nike Fuel Band for few months now and I have to say I’m still loving it. Sure it’s perhaps needless and expensive gadget, but I’m still liking it.

On a day to day basis you can set your ‘Nike Fuel’ goal. I keep mine at 4000, knowing that that’s around about my daily average, if I achieve my goal I know I’ve had an active day, if I don’t achieve it, I know I’ve had a restful day.

And if I beast it like I did on Monday (I got over 10,000!) I know I should probably take some rest after it.

You sync your activity rather easily, via Bluetooth and you can see daily, weekly, monthly and yearly activity on the app Nike fuel has.

The band itself shows Fuel, Calories burned, Steps and the time. I’m not sure how accurate it is, but it gives you a good measure of your activity. (red and yellow for not achieved your goal, green for achieved it!)

Although I know a lot of people change their goal based on their activity, I like to keep mine the same so I can see how much active I’m being and how much rest in getting.

Nike fuel promotes that you hit your goal by having x day streaks where you get awards and achieve by getting long streaks. The longest I’ve had is 6 days (this week) and I’m hoping to have a restful day tomorrow to end that streak.

Regular readers of my blog will know that I’m keen on making sure I get my rest, and I think that many people (myself included) get so wrapped up in exercise they forget how important rest, sleep and recover is.) So I don’t mind when I miss my goal as I know it means in resting / recovering from all of the exercise in putting myself through.

2-3 days a week I think is ideal (if not more) and I’ve been getting that in October.

As you can see from the images of my Nike fuel monthly, September, my usual month for my holiday, was pretty restful, with October being busier and November… well November needs a few rest days in there…!  I think I better start (rest and recovery) tomorrow!

The other bit I like I’d that you can compare your activity to friends who have Nike fuel bands (they have to be friends with you on Facebook).

Right now I have a few friends plus my two brothers on my list (who are around 300 miles away from me in either direction – north and south of the uk). A competitive family we’ve always been, this function brings a totally new light to ‘sibling rivalry’.

Please note: although I’m beating my brother Ewen this week, he almost always thrashes me… Even last week when I got around 36k!! (which simply shows he’s just as active, if not more active than me – unless he’s putting his Fuel Band on his kid or his dog??!) 😉

The app has a good summary page too which shows your totals and bests and shows your rewards and badges you’ve earned.

I’ve earned almost 1.5 million fuel points, however just over a million of that was from running on Nike+ where I’ve recorded over 5000km in around 4 years.

In summary: All in all, I really love my Nike fuel band. I think it’s a cool wee gadget and I’m glad I got it. It’s easy to make it a part of your life and I can imagine it would be a good motivator to get someone who isn’t very active, to be more active.

For those who are active, they can use it like I do to monitor their activity and make sure they take enough rest (whilst maybe sometimes pushing it to beat their over competitive siblings or friends if they feel like the challenge 😉

The simple transfer of data through Bluetooth is ingenious, and the design of the band is sleek and cool. 🙂 well worth the price tag and now a good little addition in my life.

I guess the only bug bears I might have are: 1. It’s hard to record activities like cycling for example, unless you tie it around your ankle or on your shoe, and swimming / swimming teaching… as I’m pretty sure I don’t want to be getting it wet! 2. I keep getting beaten my my Mrs and my brother! 😉

Go on, Christmas is coming, go and treat yourself and you too can start earning Nike Fuel points!  You can buy one in the UK from here.

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