Garmin activities won’t upload to Garmin Connect – FIX

I’ve spent the last two weeks frustratingly not being able to upload my activities from my Garmin 610 to Garmin Connect. It may sound sad but I feel a bit like I’ve had a finger cut off (not as bad as having a limb cut off, but there’s certainly been something kidding in my life.) 😉

I don’t know what started it but the last time an activity was uploaded was two Thursdays ago. Then since then, all I’ve been seeing is this screen after the device and Ant Agent has seemed to connect to my Garmin and upload the ever increasing activities recorded on my Garmin.

I updated the Ant Agent software of both my pc and mac, and even managed to upgrade the software on my Garmin from 2.7 to 2.8. To no avail. 😦 it was really starting to annoy me. I turned my Garmin off and on again but it still just sat repeatedly trying to upload and would always fail. Aaaaaaaarrrgg!!! >:-|

One week in I emailed Garmin to see if they could help. Still no reply. :-/

So last night I decided, with around 30 activities to upload, it was time to bite the bullet and so a reset on it. There are two types of rest for Garmins:

1: User profile reset: which wipes the user details and screen settings, but doesn’t lose the history of GPS data. See here for how to do it:

2: A master reset: which wipes all of the data and restores factory settings.

(google or YouTube how to do a master reset on a garmin).
I didn’t really want to do that and lose all of my data, so I went for the first option instead.

And it worked! 😀

After two weeks of missing out on my Garmin maps, graphs, splits and stats, I’m finally able to upload my activities again.

Sadly the reset did manage to wipe some of the data from my 610, so I only had 9 activities from around 20 or 30 I’d recorded. But I’ll take that. (I’ve got a spreadsheet that has all of my data in it anyway… Lol…) The activities that did remain on the device and transfer over were very random, but I’ll take them.

So that’s how you get your Garmin activities to upload if they keep failing to upload to Garmin Connect. I did google it but didn’t really come across much help, and Garmin didn’t get back to me. 😦 so hopefully if you’re having the same issues and you come across this, it helps you.

Please do let me know if it does. 🙂

If all else fails, you could try unpairing and repairing your Garmin to your computer and see if that works.  (It has for me in the past).  🙂

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6 Responses to Garmin activities won’t upload to Garmin Connect – FIX

  1. Thanks for this post Lorn. Santa delivered my 610 and it isn’t pairing. Reset it and it found it but still struggling

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  3. Geoff Hudson says:

    Same here on a 910XT; love the watch…but Garmin support really sucks! I’ve seen people enquiring about this for ages now but I’ve yet to see ANY response from Garmin.

  4. Brian says:

    Thanks for posting your similar issue and recommendation on doing the user profile reset. I wasn’t as patient as you in letting 30 training events pile up – I grew impatient after being unable to upload only one event. After doing the user profile reset (master reset), Garmin Connect was finally able to upload that latest data.

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