Garmin Missing Uploaded Activities – FIX

garminconnect imageI’ve written about when my activities weren’t uploading to Garmin Connect before, and now Garmin was experiencing issues and a couple of my activities seemed to be lost. 😦

(I wouldn’t mind so much but one of them was my 1000th mile of the year!)

The issues were happening just after Christmas 2012, and Garmin were saying they were having issues which were going to be resolved.  Garmin Connect is usually very reliable, and I felt sorry for Garmin as it happened when A LOT of people would have got a new Garmin for Christmas.  Not a good first experience!  Lucky for us, it doesn’t happen often. 🙂

My issue was that my activities had uploaded, were on my watch, however I couldn’t see them in my Garmin Connect Dashboard. 😦

Anyway, I emailed Garmin, and they replied with the following steps which fixed it:

1.) Log into your Garmin Connect Account
2.) Click on Upload (located in the upper-right corner of your screen.)

3.) The webpage will search for your device via the Garmin Communicator Plug-in.  (If the Plug-in is not present please follow the link to download and install the program.)
4.) Once your device has been recognized select ‘Upload Selected
5.) This will build a comprehensive list of everything sent from the
watch to the ANT Agent.

If the activity appears proceed with the last two steps:

6.) Place a ‘Check’ in the box next to each activity you wish to save
7.) Select UPLOAD
And it worked! 😀  Thank you Garmin!

For more of my posts about Garmin, go here.  🙂

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