Bike & Circuits workouts

Here’s a good bike workout. I did it tonight before circuits.

Indoor bike: level 9, 30 mins, 12km

Warm up: 3 mins @ 80rpm
4 x
(3 mins @ 80rpm
2 mins @ 90rpm
1 min @ 100+rpm)
Cool down: 3 mins @ 80rpm

I burned around 250 calories and sweated quite a bit. 🙂 2.5 on the Garmin Training Effect scale.

After the bike I went into circuits for 45 minutes in the Functional Training Zone at Bella: 8 stations:

Box jumps / core bag squats (15kg)
TRX row and bicep curls
TRX press up and rollout
Core bag shuttles (20kg,15kg,10kg)
ViPR push up to presses
Boxing and jumps
Bent over barbell row / squat to press (15kg)
Kettlebell swing (12kg)

280 calories, Garmin Training Effect: 2.3.

I like sprints on the bike, and circuits is always good too. Rest day tomorrow for me.

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