Highland Fling 2012

Someone searched today on ‘Lorn Pearson Highland Fling’ and got to my blog… well… it took place yesterday (Saturday 28th April) but I didn’t do it.

I decided that the D33 was the Ultramarathon for me to have done and that the Highland Fling would be a step too far in pushing myself (time, mind and body).

So I pulled out and changed direction (click the link for a full summary of why I pulled out).  I’ve reduced my running and focused more on strength training, running with others and helping others in general with their fitness.  It’s been good.  No pressures of having to run X miles before 2 on a Saturday, and no pushing my body to it’s limits. 🙂 No rushing around, more relaxation, fun and time with the gf. 🙂

I have however been seeing updates on Facebook of lots of people who ran the Highland Fling.  Well done to everyone who took part.  It looked like a great day for it.  🙂

The Highland Fling Results don’t seem to be out yet, but once they are you’ll be able to see them here: Highland Fling Results.

53 mile Highland Fling Route

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