New just giving page set up…

I’ve set up my charity just giving page for the Lochaber Marathon I’m planning on running in April 2011.   I’ve decided I’m going to run it for Breast Cancer Care as one of my friends (34!) is currently fighting the disease and I wanted to do something to help.

The page is )

I’ve set an initial goal of £2000 so hopefully I’ll be able to achieve it.  It’s hard work raising money.  You just feel like you’re constantly annoying people for money.  :-/  I’m sure it will be worth it in the long run (no pun intended!)

For the triathlon, 10k and santa dash I did for Leukaemia Care, I raised £1315…so hopefully I can beat that amount.  Then me and my 3 friends ran the 10k dressed as Little Red Riding Hood etc and raised £470.

I’ll probably start promoting the page after New Year  (when no ones got any money!! arg!).  I think perhaps some actual fundraising with a bucket might be called for this time instead of just bombarding people with emails etc… wish me luck!!

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1 Response to New just giving page set up…

  1. Thanks for running for Breast Cancer Care – we really appreciate your support. Hope your training is going well. Good luck with it!

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