Wk51 – Interval Treadmill run

Today we had our Christmas lunch out with work… to an Indian.   I used to eat Indian food but kind of stopped eating it a few years ago as my gf doesn’t eat them.  And now when I eat them I tend to feel a bit strange after them….like my body isn’t used to the spices… or something.   I had a pakora platter to share for the starter and a Chicken korma for the main.

I must admit it tasted good, but around 3pm I was feeling a little like I could have been sick.  😦 I wasn’t but didn’t feel the best.  Stuffed.  Strange food in my tummy.

Then at 4pm I had the sad news that one of my friend’s Dad died of Cancer.  😦   I found out through in internal email at work…. (he used to work for the BBC)… and it was a bit of a shock as I haven’t met up with my friend in ages so I didn’t know he was ill.  What a horrible time to have a death in the family.  😦  It’s my friends birthday on the 4th of January too.

It was still cold today – around -8’C…..parts of the Clyde were frozen.  In the picture the seagulls are actually standing on the river/ice.  Probably no hope for a run outside and with the now limited days for running in the gym, I’ll really need to think about how I complete my remaining 17.25 miles of my 262 mile challenge before the end of the year.

We went shopping for all the Christmas food after work, then I managed to stir up the energy to go to the gym for a run.  Intervals I thought…. 5 – 6 miles if I was lucky.

I got to the gym and on the treadmill at about 20:45.   A bit late, but it was the only time I could see me fitting in a run before next Monday.  (I can’t run outside because of the ice, and the gym is only open when I’m at work tomorrow, then closed Saturday Sunday – so no treadmill runs for me until Monday).

I got on the treadmill and decided I would try my 300m easy / 700m fast intervals and see if I could do them for at least 10k.

I set the easy pace at 11.5kph (7.1mph – marathon pace), and did the fast paces as follows (between 7.8 – 9.3mph):

1. 300m @ 11.5, 700m @ 15kph (9.3mph) = 4:22 min km
2.  300m @ 11.5, 700m @ 14.5kph (9.0mph) = 4:28 min km
3. 300m @ 11.5, 700m @ 14kph (8.7mph) = 4:34 min km
4. 300m @ 11.5, 700m @ 13.5kph (8.4mph) = 4:48 min km
5. 300m @ 11.5, 700m @ 13kph (8.1mph) = 4:48 min km
6. 300m @ 11.5, 700m @ 12.5kph (7.8mph) = 4:56 min km
7. 300m @ 11.5, 700m @ 12.5kph (7.8mph) = 4:56 min km
8. 300m @ 11.5, 700m @ 13kph (8.1mph) = 4:48 min km
9. 300m @ 11.5, 700m @ 14kph (8.7mph) = 4:34 min km
10. 300m @ 11.5, 700m @ 15kph (9.3mph) = 4:22 min km
Total: 10k, 46:56, 12.7kph (7.9mph), 4:38 min km ( 7:42 min miles )

I did 5k in about 23 mins and 8k in about 38 mins – I was very pleased with my run and even managed a PB for the 10k!!   After the 47 minutes running, I decided I’d just stay on the treadmill at between 11.5 – 12 kph until the hour was up and ended up running 12.52km in an hour.  (7.78miles).

Run: 7.78 miles, 60 mins, 900 calories burned, Pace: 7:42
Ave HR:  159 (84%), Max HR: 180 95%).
262 mile challenge: 17.25 – 7.78 = 9.47 miles to go. 😀

Next time I run I’ll be wearing my new trainers which Santa has delivered….I cannot wait!!

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