Commonwealth Arena Glasgow Club

Monday night and I went along to the Commonwealth Arena / Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome / Emirates Arena… and I have to wonder why it has so many names! I’ll call it the Commonwealth Arena (or CA) from now on I think.

See more here:

Anyway, as Bella is closed and the streets are annoyingly icy, I thought I’d try out the gym in the CA.

The trip there for me is basically on the new bit of the M74 towards Rutherglen, off at Polmedie and along a more or less straight road to the CA. I’ll time the journey one morning this week to compare the time it takes to get to Bella (5 mins West on the M8).

The CA has a very impressive entrance and reception area. There is a quick swipe machine to let you skip queues when signing in (but it was out of action when we went there.) Theres also a very neat lift shaft right up the middle of the building, and the gym is on floor 4.

The gym in the CA is shiny and brand new with all the latest and usual gym machines and equipment. Bikes (indoor and spin), treadmills, Rowing machines, cross trainers.

And there’s an area for free weights in front of mirrors (see above – lots of men were doing bicep curls when I went in so I got some weights and took them to a matted area to so my circuits), weights machines and a kettlebell and a couple of matted areas.

The treadmills look out over the velodrome which is pretty impressive.

I went on an indoor bike for 5 minutes and noticed it had lots of clever functions on it. Training settings, games and functions. Then I went on the spin bike. I’ve been on better, however it felt good and I did 5k in around 10 minutes, at resistance level 5.

The gym instructors were in bright orange tops, and for done reason most of the punters seemed to be eating bright clothes too. I’d fit right in I thought. 😉

The changing rooms were on the right when you came out of the lift and they too were brand spanking new and impressive.

Plenty of lockers (which incidentally take 50ps – ‘each centres different’ apparently!), and loads of room to get changed. There’s good showers in cubicles, toilets and even a couple of good sized private changing cubicles. A couple of hair dryers, but no straighteners and only one mirror at the two hair dryers (there’s space for 3).

The lockers are big… some of them small, medium and big… big enough for…

… a crouching, hidden…

… Lorn. 😉

Ah well. It was a good gym and new experience at the CA. It’s clearly a well designed gym, with clean new machines, weights and facilities. I guess it’s the way a gym should be.

It is impressive and its nice that everything is new. And it’s open 630-2200 every weekday which is good for me.

I just need to see how long it might take me to get there (and back) in the mornings and see if the trip is worthwhile at 630am some mornings!

Have you been the the gym in the CA yet? What did you think?

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