Wk28 – Monday – run, run, bodypump, run

On Monday I started the new week well, with a 4.9 mile run around the Clyde.  Up to the bridge at Adelphi Street and along down to the Millenium Bridge.  See the previous post for the details.
After work I went to the gym, set up my bodypump equipment then hopped on a treadmill for 10 minutes.  I started it at 12.5kph and incraesed it to 13kph in the first two mins, then every 2 minutes increased the speed by 0.5 kph (in mph that’s) –
13kph – 8.1mph – 7:26 mins per mile
13.5kph – 8.4mph – 7:09 mins per mile
14kph – 8.7mph – 6:54 mins per mile
14.5kph – 9.0 mph – 6:40 mins per mile
15kph – 9.3mph – 6:26 mins per mile
RUN: 2.5km (1.55M), 11 mins (incl cool down), 160 calories, Pace: 7:05.
I was nicely warmed up and went downstairs to do bodypump.  The regular (annoying) instructor was off, so we had another instruction who was actually professional (for once!!). I tried to increase the weights a little and did ok with it.
WARM UP – 5kg
SQUAT – 10kg
CHEST – 5kg
BACK – 7.5kg
TRICEPS – 5kg (kickbacks, dips, overhead)
BICEPS – 3.5kg
LUNGES – 8.5kg
SHOULDERS – 2.5kg (lat raises) /  5kg (bar)
About 380 cals for bodypump.
Then after BP my partner decided she wanted to go on a run, and who I am to say no?
RUN: 2.4M, 21:17 mins, Pace: 8:52, 250 calories.
Total RUN: 8.85M! 1 hour 12 mins, 935 cals. Total for day: 1320.
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