Wk28 – Monday morning run

Got up early before work this morning, surprisingly easy this week.  I madea new playlist last night so I wanted to try it out.  Hot smile
I was supposed to do 4 miles this morning,…and usually do the Maxwell Park route, but I decided I’d try a nice flat one around the Clyde and see how far I’d go if I ran around the two bridges which are furthest apart on it… (Millenium and Adelphi St).
It ended up being 4.9 miles.  The weather was pretty dull, but has brightened up now.  The route is predominantly flat, but has a few areas with steps going up and down… saying that – it didn’t push my heart rate as much as I’d expected (simply because of the lack of hills I’m guessing).  The highest point was 47ft…you get the idea.
RUN: 4.9M, 39:26, 525 cals, Pace: 7:59.  Ave HR: 158 (83%), Max HR: 169 (89%).
I got faster and faster as I went around anyway – averaging 7:59 moving pace – but I maybe need to get back on those hills once a week and mix it in with an easy, hard and long run to get the best of training.  Happy so far anyway.
1 – 8:07, 2 – 8:05, 3 – 8:02, 4 – 7:50, 5 – 7:19.
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