Wk4 Training Summary

Week 4 of 2013 and I was back to normal after New Year and the Norovirus early on in January. I took a rest day on Monday, then did 4-5 runs, two strength sessions and a metafit workout.

I did my long run (11.5 miles on Sunday) and my legs were pretty dead from the Lower strength / plyometric workout I did the day before, so I’m going to change it around a bit this week.


I earned over 36,000 Nike fuel points, my highest weekly total of this year so far, getting back to my average weekly amounts for 2012 (35,000).

21st Jan – 28th Jan 2013

Here’s what I did last week:

Mon: Rest 🙂

Tue AM: Rest

PM: Kaizen Run Club: 4.3 miles speed work + 2.2 miles commute.
6.5M, 1:12hrs, 500 cals.

Wed AM: Super 8s Strength Upper
46:41 mins, 384 cals, Ave HR: 141, Max HR: 162, GTE: 3.1
Wk4 – Super 8s Upper Strength Workout

PM: 10 mins on treadmill (1.2M), then Metafit
25:00 mins, 278 calories, Ave HR: 141, Max HR: 169, GTE: 3.0

Thu: 9M lunchtime run (aiming for 150 ave HR).
1:16 hrs, 656 calories, Ave HR: 150 :-D, Max HT 163, GTE, 3.6
Wk4 – Glad I went for my run

Fri AM: Super 8s Strength Lower (incl 1:30 of sprints at the end)
55:02 mins, 468 cals, Ave HR: 141, Max HR: 167, GTE: 3.1
Wk4 – Super 8s Lower Strength Workout

Sat AM: 11.5M long run with Jackie, Tina, Cat & Jane (sloppy slidey).
1:57hrs, 849 cals, Ave HR: 126, Max HR: 153, GTE: 3.0

Sun AM: Kaizen Run Club: Tempo 6M, 49:33, 482, Ave HR: 153, Max HR: 172, GTE: 3.8.
Swimming Teaching: 4hrs

Totals:   34.7 miles running, 5:25 hours, 5 runs.
3 strength sessions: 2:16 hours.
3 miles walk to and from work (4 days).
Fasting: Monday 18 hours, Thursday 24 hours.

It was a good week with quite a few more runs than I think I realised I was going to do. And I finally nailed my Super 8s workout to be intense, enjoyable and tough, and I got a couple of long runs in.  (Below is my most recent Super 8s workout plan).


I must admit I’m struggling a bit with my running just now though; like I’m losing my running mojo a bit. It took me about 4-5 miles to get into each of my long runs this week… I’m very tempted not to do them and do other stuff instead.

Not sure where that’s coming from, but hopefully I’ll get my running mojo back soon. It feels like the long run is taking up too much time, or I can’t seem to fit it in to my week right. :-/ I’m pleased I did almost 35 miles though, and the 12 miler was just enough to keep me on my toes and tired after it.

11.5 miles route

On the long run (see route above: 11.5 miles), as I mentioned my legs felt dead tired from the 9 miles on Thursday and the lower workout on Friday, so this week I’ll make sure I do less before I do a long run.

plantar_fasciaPLANTAR FASCIITIS?
I’m also feeling a bit of a niggle in my right foot. It’s ok when I’m running and exercising, but after I’m sitting for a certain amount of time, I get a sharp pain in the sole of my foot… around about the heel area. I’m thinking it’s the dreaded plantar facititus…but I’m not diagnosing it yet.

fast fuelI’ve been looking into how I can eat better on the run (and stay away from sugary gels), and I’ve found this book online: Fast Fuel by Runners World. At £1.99 it’s great value and has lots of good information in it on what to eat to fuel your runs. 🙂

Anyway, last week was a good week… and now I’m thinking about next week which will involve 3-4 strength workouts, 2-3 runs and I’m showing a friend how to do a kettlebell workout too. 🙂

Wk5 Plan

Mon: Rest (and fast 18 – 22 hrs)
Tue AM: Rest
PM: Kaizen Run Club (easy 5M)
Wed AM: Super 8s Strength Lower PM: Metafit
Thu AM: 14 miles easy? (and fast)
Fri AM: Super 8s Strength Upper (and travel to my Dad’s)
Sat AM: Rest
Sun: Travel back then Swimming Teaching

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