Wk3 – Super 8s Strength Workouts

Super8sLogoandexercisesI did my second 8s Strength Workout this morning, and I’ve updated it a little decided it would be more apt if it was called my
Super 8s Strength Workout instead. 🙂

I was still a little sore (all over: chest, back, legs, arms) from Monday, so I felt a little weak this morning when I was doing the workout, but it was still good. However I think it might be better to split the exercises in general to lower exercises one day, then upper exercises the next. 

To give you an idea, two workouts a week will be Lower one day, Upper the next, and three workouts a week will look like:

  Strength Day 1 Strength Day 2 Strength Day 3
Wk1 Lower Upper  Lower
Wk2 Upper  Lower Upper 

(Each strength workout day will have a rest day or run day between the next strength day)

Anyway, here’s what I’ve done in my last two strength workouts (Monday & Wednesday):


And here’s my garmin details from my strength workouts this week:

Monday’s Super 8s Strength Workout:
52 mins, 378 cals, Ave HR: 133, Max HR: 163, Garmin Training Effect: 2.5.

Wednesday’s Super 8s Strength Workout:
52 mins, 339 cals, Ave HR: 133, Max HR: 177, Garmin Training Effect: 2.3.

My next strength workout will be on Saturday.  I’m swapping my long run day to spend some time in the gym… and I’m still in doubt whether I’m going to do my long run (12 miles) as I might not have time! 

Here’s my amended Super 8s Strength Workout plan:


I’ve nore or less split the main 8 exercises into a lower and upper split, and have added in an Extra Finisher which will be 5 exercises (for 8-12 reps depending on how I’m feeling):
Squat / Row / Romanian Deadlift / Row / Squat
for the first day, and in a different order for the second day:
Romanian Deadlift / Row / Squat / Row / Romanian Deadlift

I’ll amend my Super 8s Strength Workout page soon. 🙂

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