Wk8 – Spin Fit, Easy run & Otrivine kickback

Tuesday night was Helen’s first day back at spin fit since July last year. We used to go to a double spin fit class which Helen took on Tuesday nights, but she went and fell and broke her leg.

Then followed lots of physio for her and lots of time off from taking classes. Helen runs a class well. She shouts at you, gets you to laugh and smile and motivates you to work really hard. She’s brilliant at it. She has good tunes and fits constructive and varied workouts together.

I’d kind of fallen away from spin as the replacement instructors just weren’t Helen. They were good, font get me wrong but I just liked how good Helen was and how hard she got me to work, whilst really enjoying it. I’d breeze through a double session, working hard but with a smile on my face.

The poor wee thing was nervous tonight and I wanted to be there for her, cold or no cold.

6 minutes into the class and I was wondering if I’d be able to keep it up. When I breathed I felt like my throat was going to explode, and i would sometimes start a coughing fit.

I kept the resistance low and made sure I didn’t over do it. Cough I did. But manage through it I did too. I didn’t want to miss Helen’s first day back.

Spinfit: 40 minutes, 350 calories.

After spin, I’d have been quite happy to go home but Fit Girl (and my lift home) was staying for another spin session. So I toddled on upstairs to try out a wee easy run.

I wanted to see how my chest and cardio would be as I’d noticed when I was walking to work that I’d been getting breathless (a very odd feeling for me!)

I set the treadmill to 10kph and started running slowly. I felt ok. My chest was fine as was my breathing. I was sure to keep my heart rate below 80% (150) so as not to over do it. After 4k I felt ok and increased the speed to 10.5kph.

I managed 7k in around 42 minutes and felt fine when I came off. I wasn’t coughing as I ran, and didn’t cough when I came off either. Result I thought. 🙂

Run: 7k, 42 mins, 350 calories.

It’s been a week since I’ve had this cold and it’s fair to say I’m fed up of it. Sneezes, sniffles, sweats, sleeping lots, Streaming eyes, body aching and now a cough to go with it. A week is more than enough thank you very much so I’m about ready to get over it.

Over the last few days I’ve been continuing to take cold and flu remedies and have had intermittent relief from Otrivine, but I’ve stopped taking all the pills and Otrivine as they’re just bunging me up. I get a bit of relief from Otrivine, then when I stop using it my symptoms get even worse. So I’m off it for good now.

Then Wednesday morning I notice it’s gone into my chest. And everytime I cough it’s really sore. It’s REALLY annoying. So Drs it is this morning to see if he can help me get rid of it once and for all. Told you I wasn’t a good patient!!

It was good while it lasted, but now More it’s rest for me. :-/

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