Nearly there…

On Wednesday I went to the Drs and got some prescriptions to try and help clear this cold.  It’s turned into a nasty chest based cold… with a horrible cough to go with it.  It’s not nice.  I got a nice wee dose of Pholcodine Linctus, some decongestant pills and some Difflam spray (Benzydamine Hydrochloride).

On Wednesday and Thursday I spent both days in bed… trying to get over this.  I usually give colds about a week, and now it’s been a week and two days… so this one it seems needs a few more days to clear.

I do feel a bit better, less bunged up, less flu like symptoms, but the cough is still here and is limiting me from doing anything remotely energetic.  I’ll get there, I think I just need to wait for it to clear up. 

Saturday we are planning an easy walk from Milngavie to Drymen.  Hopefully the fresh air and the walk will do me good.  I will of course wrap up well, hydrate well and take my time.  🙂  The weather is meant to be 4-7’C cloudy or light rain.

I missed Bodypump and a run on Monday, did spin and a run on Tuesday and have done nothing since.  I’ve kind of enjoyed the break (although lying in bed miserable and sweating hasn’t been too much fun).  It feels like I’ve had a good break from training, and hopefully when I go back to it I’ll feel stronger and well rested.

Here’s a rainbow from this morning, so hopefully it’s a sign that this bug is well and truly getting to F!! 😉  Hopefully I’ll be able to ease back into things next week.

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