Wk17 – 10k pre marathon run

They say you should take it very easy in your last week before your marathon: no further than 4 miles, limited or no cross training, less is most definitely more!

I agree with that to a point, but when I read the suggestion of doing a 4 miler with the middle two miles at marathon ‘pace’ just under a week before your marathon, I thought I’d put my own twist on it.

As you might know, I’m not running for a time or to a pace, I’ll be running to my marathon HR, which I’m setting at 150 (80%). The result should be a sub 4 hour marathon, but just how sub 4, I won’t know until I do it.

In September last year I got my marathon PB by running with my heart rate at 165 (90%), but it was HARD, and now I want to see what the result will be if I take it a bit easier.

Today’s run was a trial of how I’d like to run the last 10k (if possible). On the Belfast marathon route, there’s a steady hill from mile 7-14, so I plan to run nice and steady for the first 14 miles (HR 150), probably splitting it into 2×7 miles. Then I’ll keep it steady for 10 miles until 24 miles in and hopefully have a lot left to finish very strongly (with no restriction on my HR).

Today was great, my heart rate went up and down a little around 150 as it was a bit of a hilly or undulating route, but it was mostly uphill for the first half, then downhill on the way back.

Today I also played about with my cadence too – or the amount of times your feet stroke the ground. Optimal cadence is 180 and I’ve found mine to be around 174-176. So today I made a concerted effort to get it to the 180 mark, and it worked. 🙂

So here was the ‘time’ or ‘pace’ result – 7:39s, with an avg HR of 153, max of 173, cadence 180. Woohoo.

I’m so ready for Belfast, and will hopefully do the Garmin live track thing on the day. I’ll try it out on Friday morning, my last run before the big day.

Finally, in work today I’m doing a ‘Dealing with Stress’ course. I chose to go on it hopefully to compound my understanding of how to deal with stress, but hopefully so I could pass what I learn onto other too. Hopefully later I’ll be all nice and relaxed and destressed! Lol (photo above of me de stressing with kite flying!)

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