This time next week…

Thus time next week, on 5th May 2014 I’ll be getting ready to run the Belfast Marathon. My training has gone well, I’ve done over 350 miles running in 12 weeks and even managed to persuade an injury to stay away when I forced myself to rest for 9 days. 🙂

I plan to take it easy on the run, with my HR at around 80% until close to the end where I will let go and just run. The idea behind this is to hopefully reduce DOMS and simply not put my body through 3-4 hours of torture. I’m going to enjoy myself (hopefully).

The weather forecast says it’s going to be overcast and between 11-17’C which might be ideal conditions – fingers crossed!

As you may know I’m not interested in time, so didnt really have a time target (time will be a result of my effort / HR), but based on my training (with HR at 150) I should come in sub 4, maybe 3:40ish (if you’re interested). So not a PB, but I don’t think I’ll chase that one again – it was tough!

Finally, you probably know there’s a group of us going over, about 10 of us are raising money for the Brightest Star charity and in memory of Jack Kennedy. Thanks if you’ve already sponsored us, however if haven’t already and you’d like to contribute, we’d really appreciate it. I can’t wait to run in green and run for the cause. Here’s the link:


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