Running whilst away with work

I’m away with work visiting the new BBC buildings in Salford Quay. And I have to admit I had a bit of a packing fail…

I took just enough clothes to see me through today and tomorrow, but the main things I packed were my trainers and running gear… (and my Runnersworld magazine for the train journey.) For me, there’s nothing quite like an early morning run, in a place you don’t know to start off your morning when you’re away with work. 🙂

So far I’ve run in Inverness and Stornoway, and tomorrow I’ll hopefully be adding Manchester to that list. 🙂

I could hardly find any of my clothes anyway, as most of them are in boxes. But I brought the important things, including my garmin and hr monitor. I’ve used the Walk Jog Run app to find some local running routes:

I’m staying at Salford Quays and I can see Old Trafford from the hotel, so I’m hopefully going to run 6-7 mikes at 630 tomorrow morning. Run an adventure, in Salford, and see where I end up. 🙂

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