Healthy, Happy, Fit

Yesterday I was talking to a couple of people who are at a point where they want to change things, and I was there to help them.

A few small changes in habits can lead to big changes in fitness and lifestyle (and even longevity), but it’s important to have a good reason to change so that you stick with the changes.

Healthy, happy and fit are my three reasons to do just about anything. (I say this as I’m snot ridden for the 5th day in a row – I’m clearly run down enough for my body to get a cold – booooo… so I don’t feel too healthy at the moment).

I try to get the healthy bit right first as that’s the most important part for me, then happy and fit tend to come along too.

Anyway, here are the things I do to try to be healthy, happy and fit:

– Eat well (with treats too)
– Sleep well
– Don’t drink alcohol
– Don’t smoke
– Drink plenty water (need to start drinking more)
– Rest and relaxation
– Movement / walking / steps goals for motivation
– Massages

– Spend time with loved ones
– Fly my kite
– Socialise (need to do more of this!)
– Help others (in my job and in life)
– Asda & Jasper
– Go for walks
– Buying gadgets (and trainers)
– Wearing shorts (when it’s nice)
– Holidays / relaxing
– Gardening

– Walking places / steps goals for motivation
– Always take the stairs
– Running regularly & training for events
– Strength training
– Fuelling my exercise / hydrating
– (Having a Fit motivational supportive partner!)

What is it you do to be healthy, happy and fit?

Or what could you do more of, or less of to be the healthiest, happiest, fittest version of you?

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