Time to get my health back on track

When I was writing about VO2 Max last night it got me thinking overall about my health. The last few months have been a bit off balance or even stressful – a big life event, leading to a bump in the road.

Then the start of last month I got flu, the start of this month I got a cold. I remember a few years ago when I seemed to get something once a month – and it seemed to be linked to my immune system going down.

Well, I don’t want that to be happening this year. So it’s time to get my health back on track.

Here’s an annual chart of my vo2 Max… all hovering along nicely during my marathon training for Loch Ness, around 52, then up to about 53 after that. Then life took over, and it plummeted to what its at now, 48.

Still good compared to the ‘median’ but not as good as I want it to be.

Your Vo2 Max (or as I like to think of it, your fitness or how you use oxygen), increases with the more regular activity you do and we can see from the table above that the months where I ran more miles, the higher my vo2 Max was.

I can probably also relate it to how healthy I feel, and right now it isn’t that healthy (eyes weeping, nose full of snotters!), but I know what to do to get better:

– Rest
– Take time out
– Have fun
– Eat well, meat, fruit & veg
– Exercise gently

Oh and I’ve treated myself to a Garmin 920xt too… it arrives next week. I’ll see which one from my 920 or my 620 I prefer. (As Fit Girl says, it’s ‘my thing’ – getting gadgets for running). Thanks to mr lotto and 4 numbers the other night. 

I don’t really ‘need’ it as I have my 620, so I’ll either return or sell the 920, or if I keep it the 920 (because I have a feeling it’s going to be a magic running watch), I’ll sell my 620. 🙂

This morning, with a tender face from my eyes watering, I was googling ‘how to improve your immune system’ and these things popped up:

– get adequate sleep
– avoid stress
– reduce or limit alcohol
– reduce or limit sugar
– exercise regularly
– eat fruit & veg & nuts & meat (natural)
– get adequate vitamin D (sunshine!)
– take garlic

All very much common sense and I do most of these things except a few, but I could perhaps make more of a focus on them as well as focussing on my training.

Things I’ve got planned already include:

– a few days good rest
– a massage (on Friday)
– plenty sleep 8hrs+ a night, maybe a nap too
– a holiday end March (Portugal)
– not letting stress or worry seep in
– taking a multi vitamin & omega 3 daily

Spring is in the air and my cold will be gone in no time at all. 🙂

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