New Garmin 920xt – maybe?

I got a reminder (on Facebook) the other day that my Garmin 620 is two years old … and whilst I love it, and it does most things I need, things have moved on in the last few years and Garmins and gadgets have improved.

I had a 10% off code for start fitness and I decided on Friday night (after a colleague was showing me that she’d got a new Garmin – thanks Barbara!!) that maybe I could try an upgraded model. I wasn’t keen on the 630, but thought that the 920xt could fit the bill.

I ended up getting a really good deal on Start Fitness and it got delivered on Tuesday. It’s big on my wrist, and I thought that might put me off, but I’ll use it only for running or activities, so it might work out ok.

(I use my Garmin vivoactive for daily wear, as an activity tracker, sleep tracker and smart watch).

I got 4 numbers on the lottery which helped, 10% off and if I keep the 920xt I’ll sell my Garmin 620 to get some money back towards the ‘upgrade’.

Before I bought it, I read up on the Garmin 920xt mainly through DC Rainmakers review, and it seems to do evertyhing I need, and more.

It has OODLES of stats, and whilst it is a bit bulky, it probably ticks all the boxes –

– Long batter life
– Various profile options
– 4 screens
– heart rate, cadence, running dynamics
– run, cycle, swim, triathlon
– smart notifications
– Bluetooth, wifi
– vo2 Max, recovery advisor, race predictor
– workouts
– connect iq screens
– and even a ‘metronome’ so that you can focus on increasing your stride rate to improve your running.

This morning I tested it out and instead of doing my usual heart rate run, I kept an eye on my heart rate but focused more on getting my cadence to 180 using the metronome function. The metronome vibrates every 4th step (or whatever you set it at, so you have a beat to run to).

It meant I ran a bit faster than I would when I keep my heart rate at 150, but it was good to challenge myself and maybe get me used to running with a higher cadence. The metronome worked well and it meant I increased my cadence from my average 174 to 180 easily (with a bit more effort!).

My avg HR was 156, max 176. And farming training effect was 5.0. So a challenging training run. Cadence was good though, and on target. 🙂

My stride rate was a bit longer, then we go into some if the other measures / stats. Vertical ratio, vertical oscillation and a new one ground contact time ratio %. I spent more time on my left foot… Who knew?!

Ground contact time is a measure I’ve seen before, and then there’s the % of time spend in each HR zone. My Garmin 620 doesn’t have this, but the new models do.

I like to think I’d spend most time in either zone 4 or 3 when I’m running and not much time in the other zones. This was a bit more of a harder workout so it’s god I was in zone 4 for the majority (but not too much time in zone 5 / eyebaws oot zone 😉 )

Pace splits were the same format as always, but the pace did end up faster than it has been. All because I was using the watch to push myself to take more steps. Just another way of training, and new technology to help me train differently or to help me improve.

I really don’t need both the 920xt and the 620 for running / training (as well as the vivoactive for daily wear), but I just need to decide if I go with the new one or not. Decisions decisions!

I’ll try the 920xt out on a few more runs and then decide if I’m keeping it (and selling my Garmin 620! as I don’t need 3 Garmins / 2 Garmins for running).

Or I’ll return the 920xt. (But I have a feeling I might just be keeping it – eeeek!). We’ll see!

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